Amazon kills dodgy review system linked to free, discount products

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Amazon has taken a stand against less-than-honest views with revisions to the firm’s terms of service in an attempt to keep review quality under control.

Amazon has become one of the largest and most well-known e-commerce giants online. The company operates worldwide and not only hosts everything from paint to clothing but has also expanded into groceries, fresh food and most recently, restaurants (that’s not to mention experiments with same-day delivery via drone and connected home technology).

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However, with size often comes corruption. There are a thousand ways for scammers to quietly make a fortune off Amazon-hosted e-books by fiddling with reviews, and now, Amazon wants to tackle the problem of dishonest reviews as a whole.

In an update to community guidelines this week, Chee Chew, VP of Customer Experience at Amazon revealed that with the exception of paying people outright for reviews, if they received a free or discounted product, “incentivized” reviews were once acceptable.

However, in reality, if someone is given a free or heavily discounted item, the likelihood is they will want to keep that vendor sweet and not burn a bridge — and so the review may not be as honest as you would like — and the only stipulation the user has to adhere to is to mention the link within their review.