New Release: BDA 4.10 is now Generally Available

As of today, BDA version 4.10 is Generally Available. As always, please refer to If You Struggle With Keeping your BDAs up to date, Then Read Thisto learn about the innovative release process we do for BDA software.

This new release includes a number of features and updates:

  • Support for Migration From Oracle Linux 5 to Oracle Linux 6 - Clusters on Oracle Linux 5 must first be upgraded to v4.10.0 on Oracle Linux 5 and can then be migrated to Oracle Linux 6. This process must be done one server at a time. HDFS data and Cloudera Manager roles are retained. Please review the documentation for the entire process carefully before starting.

    • BDA v4.10 is the last release built for Oracle Linux 5 and no further upgrades for Oracle Linux 5 will be released.
  • Updates to NoSQL DB, Big Data Connectors, Big Data Spatial & Graph
    • Oracle NoSQL Database 4.5.12
    • Oracle Big Data Connectors 4.10.0
    • Oracle Big Data Spatial & Graph 2.4.0
  • Support for Oracle Big Data Appliance X-7 systems – Oracle Big Data Appliance X7 is based on the X7–2L server. The major enhancements in Big Data Appliance X7–2 hardware are:

    • CPU update: 2 24–core Intel Xeon processor
    • Updated disk drives: 12 10TB 7,200 RPM SAS drives
    • 2 M.2 150GB SATA SSD drives (replacing the internal USB drive)
    • Vail Disk Controller (HBA)
    • Cisco 93108TC-EX–1G Ethernet switch (replacing the Catalyst 4948E).
  • Spark 2 Deployed by Default – Spark 2 is now deployed by default on new clusters and also during upgrade of clusters where it is not already installed.
  • Oracle Linux 7 can be Installed on Edge Nodes – Oracle Linux 7 is now supported for installation on Oracle Big Data Appliance edge nodes running on X7–2L, X6–2L or X5–2L servers. Support for Oracle Linux 7 in this release is limited to edge nodes.
  • Support for Cloudera Data Science Workbench – Support for Oracle Linux 7 on edge nodes provides a way for customers to host Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) on Oracle Big Data Appliance. CDSW is a web application that enables access from a browser to R, Python, and Scala on a secured cluster. Oracle Big Data Appliance does not include licensing or official support for CDSW. Contact Cloudera for licensing requirements.
  • Scripts for Download & Configuration of Apache Zeppelin, Jupyter Notebook, and RStudio –  This release includes scripts to assist in download and configuration of these commonly used tools. The scripts are provided as a convenience to users. Oracle Big Data Appliance does not include official support for the installation and use of Apache Zeppelin, Jupyter Notebook, or RStudio.
  • Improved Configuration of Oracle’s R Distribution and ORAAH –  For these tools, much of the environment configuration that was previous done by the customer is now automated.
  • Node Migration Optimization – Node migration time has been improved by eliminating some steps.
  • Support for Extending Secure NoSQL DB clusters

This release is based on Cloudera Enterprise (CDH 5.12.1 & Cloudera Manager 5.12.1) as well as Oracle NoSQL Database (4.5.12).

  • Cloudera 5 Enterprise includes CDH (Core Hadoop), Cloudera Manager, Apache Spark, Apache HBase, Impala, Cloudera Search and Cloudera Navigator
  • The BDA continues to support all security options for CDH Hadoop clusters : Kerberos authentication – MIT or Microsoft Active Directory, Sentry Authorization, HTTPS/Network encryption, Transparent HDFS Disk Encryption, Secure Configuration for Impala, HBase , Cloudera Search and all Hadoop services configured out-of-the-box.
  • Parcels for Kafka 2.2, Spark 2.2, Kudu 1.4 and Key Trustee Server 5.12 are included in the BDA Software Bundle

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