$6.4 million in Trump Change so far

 $6.4 million in Trump Change so far

 $6.4 million in Trump Change so far

Buying copies of his own book – $ 55,000

Trump, according to the Daily Beast, spent more than $ 55,000 at Barnes and Noble buying copies of the book, which not only funnels money to the candidate but also pumps up the books sales totals. Oh, and it may well be illegal, elections experts told the Daily Beast.

Rent in Trump Tower – $ 169,758

As you might expect, Trump’s campaign offices are located inside Trump Tower, the building bearing his name in New York City. What might not be as obvious, though, is that Trump is charging his own campaign team rent, and according to an analysis by the Huffington Post, the money spent on rent went up in June, when he started using donors money to pay the fees. This is because the amount of space the campaign rented went up — though the total staffers actually went down.

Trump Tower food – $ 18 (per Trump Tower Taco Bowl)

More than just rent is paid at Trump tower, though. There’s also food bought in the cafeteria and restaurant. Money was also spent at other Trump-related food brands, including Trump Ice and Trump Winery. (Though likely not Trump Steaks which, despite Trump’s claims, no longer exists.)

Mar-a-lago – $ 600,000

Trump and his staff also has to have somewhere to stay when he travels. Whenever possible, that place will be a Trump property. According to the Washington Post, Trump spent $ 400,000 at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida in May, plus around $ 200,000 at other Trump properties.

The Plane – $ 5.6 million

Trump likes to fly in style—generally in a plane that bears his name. The Post reports that thus far, Trump’s campaign has spent $ 5.6 million at TAG Air, the fleet of private jets the candidate owns.

Total: $ 6,424,776



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