Conservative Response to Jimmy Kimmel

This blog recently posted about Jimmy Kimmel and the near-death of his newborn son. Kimmel made the point that nobody should be put in the position of having to decide if they can afford to save their child, and scolds Trump and the Republicans for being heartless.

Well, conservative Jonah Goldberg decided to respond to Kimmel in National Review. His response is ironic in that it actually confirms Kimmel’s arguments. Goldberg’s article is titled “The Dangers of Empathy”, and it argues that empathy makes it “very difficult to have a rational discussion about the trade-offs inherent to any health-care system.”

Goldberg even falls for Godwin’s law, claiming “Adolf Hitler was a master of empathy”. Seriously. Is he really comparing Jimmy Kimmel to Hitler?

Who will Goldberg complain about next? Jesus for having empathy for the poor (and even for prostitutes)?

UPDATE: A reader found this graph showing life expectancy compared to expenditures on health. Note that US health expenditures really started taking off in the mid-1980s, which is when Ronald Reagan was president. Does anyone have a guess as to why?

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