David “slightly chunky” Horsey steps in it

 David slightly chunky Horsey steps in it

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the right mouthpiece for a truth-twisting president

Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist David Horsey decided to attack the messenger’s image in text rather than critique the message which is always more than the sum of text and image.

In SHS’s case the visual is vastly irrelevant compared to the bushels of WH lies, and SHS is too easy a target for even the most mundane lookism.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not look like the kind of woman Donald Trump would choose as his chief spokesperson.

This sentence above should have been the text of the entire written op-ed, but Horsey persisted, and the politically-correct RWNJs exploiting the subsequent anti-sexist outrage become yet another distraction from more important critiques of the Trump regime.

Fortunately there’s no anthem or knees involved, and the LA Times is no Charlie Hebdo.

No comment on the lack of diversity in the MSM editorial cartoonist community, which should be the real effort for any anti-sexist resistance.

 David slightly chunky Horsey steps in it

He’s lucky, Horsey outlines in the rest of the column, because Sanders is an adept liar and comfortable misleading the press and backing up her boss. This is an excellent point!

But it doesn’t matter, because Horsey decided to get his readers there by calling Sanders a “slightly chunky soccer mom.”


and then there’s the trollish rank opportunists…

Let me get this straight. A milky white clown like you claiming to be the party for women, openly make fun of a womens weight? @davidhorsey

— Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) November 3, 2017

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