Highlights From Yet Another Week Of Afflictor

This week, after Donald Trump told a military widow her slain husband “knew what he was signing up for,” he announced he would allow classified files on the JFK assassination to be opened as scheduled.

Wow, Kennedy’s head opened up like a piñata. The blood really rushed out of his skinbag. That Lou Diamond Phillips got him good.

That’s Lee Harvey Oswald, sir.

Whatever. I’ll call the widow and tell her her husband croaked.

Mrs. Kennedy’s dead, sir.

What?! Lou Diamond Phillips got her, too?

Okay, then I’ll call the assassin’s son.

• Masha Gessen now fears America could be headed for a military coup, though in April she thought that was preferable to four years of Trump.

Facebook and Google are still bad for American democracy.

• Google wants to manage a stretch of Toronto, which sounds like a bad idea.

• Margaret Atwood thinks we’re perilously close to reviving 1930s fascism.

• In regards to Harvey Weinstein, screenwriter Scott Rosenberg says “everybody fucking knew.”

• Old Print Articles: Norman Vincent Peale worries about American fascism. (1935)

• This week’s Afflictor keyphrase searches: Denis Johnson, Chuck Barris, Nicole Wallace.

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