It Isn’t just about Elections

Bernie Sanders makes an excellent point. Politics isn’t just about who you elect. People have to be willing to fight for what they believe in all the time, not just once every four or eight years.

One of the things that distresses me is that often liberals and progressives fight hard to win an election and then sit back and blame everything that goes wrong on the person they elected.

I have to admit that Republicans have learned this lesson better than Democrats. They fight at the state level, they fight for school boards. They get involved at all levels. Of course, some of this is because they typically have a huge money advantage, especially since the Citizens United decision. But Dems have a huge advantage in people.

Gays figured this out and totally turned around the fight for gay rights. They didn’t have to elect a majority of gay politicians to do this, they just had to change a majority of people’s attitude toward gays.

Progressives need to get involved at all levels of government and outside of government. If we do, we can achieve anything.

You want single-payer health care? We can do it. You want higher education that doesn’t bankrupt people? You just have to fight for it. Get involved.

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