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where’s the interview w/ andy samberg where the interviewer asks about why there’s no jokes made around holt being gay and andy’s face twitches like “don’t do it.” and the interviewer goes on like “we live in such a weird PC culture though!” and andy laughs so uncomfortably i need it for science 

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The ironic thing is, there are plenty of jokes which involve him being gay. But it just doesn’t register as humor to those people if it’s not making fun of him for it, or using his sexuality as the actual punchline. A show actually respects its characters (for the most part) while still managing to provide top-notch humor and all a lot of people have to say is complaining about “pc culture”

here’s a link to the video if anyone’s interested


i don’t understand how anyone who’s watched the episodes where ray holt pretends to be a hetero would ever believe that there are “no jokes about him being gay.”

because that’s not the problem. the problem is that the jokes about him being gay are specifically for an lgbtq audience. they’re jokes that heteros don’t understand because for once, we’re not the punchline like we usually are. we’re not being made fun of in a way that tears us down. they’re jokes about the absurdity of our existence. of having to fake being straight, even though a lot of us are actually really bad at it, and having straight people actually believe you. 

the other really great example is that one joke ray holt makes in the first season, about how the hardest thing about being a gay black police officer in the nypd is the discrimination. that joke was funny for so many reasons, and yet, not a single straight person really got it when i watched it with them. it feels like there are no jokes because the jokes aren’t intended for straight/homophobic people, where the punchline isn’t all about how they relate to us. it’s about how we relate to them for once, and that’s the greatest thing.

other show’s lgbt jokes are “loltranswomen” or “lol flamboyant gay men”

brooklyn nine nine’s lgbt jokes are “we got married as quickly as we could bc we were worried they’d repeal it” and then footage of Kevin and Raymond not letting the officient finish his sentence before they say “I do”

i remember watching the first episode of season 4 where jake peralta — one of the main characters of the shows who could so easily be depicted as a toxically masculine cop who doesn’t “get” political correction or like, basic human decency in general — casually mentions the existence of transphobia in passing. the show had been fairly liberal and good at playing jokes for laughs instead of hurting people’s feelings, but this solidified my loyalty to the show and its brand of humor.

what’s more, jake mentions transphobia in connection with media content and delivers the line in such a way that it was only after seeing this post (literally months after the initial episode aired) that i realized people who are not queer or in the know about queer things would not find it funny because they wouldn’t understand it. 

in short: jokes at the expense of others humanity is rarely, if ever, funny. consequently, b99 comes out with better hi-jinks and bigger laughs because they get it and work within those (not actually at all limiting) confines.


I love this fucking show TO DEATH

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