Two male rhinos gang up on female who refused to have sex with them and gored her to death.

Makes me wonder who learned from who?

Swedes, Germans, Brits, Danes, etc. need to pay attention to this story.

A female rhino was gored to death by two male rhinos after she refused to mate with them.

The huge animal was attacked and killed at the Jaldapara National Park in India.

She was roaming along when the two bull rhinos first tried to chase her off their territory.

Known for its population of one-horned rhinos, the female had also lost her calf only a few days before the heartbreaking incident, according to Indileak.

An official for the park said to the Hindustan Times: ‘The dead rhino, which was hardly five or six year old sub-adult, had suffered injuries as dominant male rhinos overpowered her for mating.

‘Rhinos have sharp and strong teeth, and they often attack female if they are denied mating.’

A ranger on site reportedly tried to break up the attack by firing his rifle into the air – but failed.

Experts believe the attack had more to do with the female foraging in the territory of the males and said these types of attacks occur during the summer when food is harder to come by.

However, most often the weaker animal will escape to safety rather than continue to fight.

The attack comes after three rhinos were killed in a lightening strike in nearby Gorumara National Park.

A 27-year-old female, a 14-year-old calf and a baby rhino were found dead in May after they were struck by a bolt that ‘shook the ground’ for miles, officials said.

The rhinoceros can be found only in certain parts of north India and Nepal.

It has become an endangered species after extensive poaching for its horn, which is often used in Chinese and Vietnamese traditional medicine.

There are currently only around 2,000 Indian rhinos left in the wild.