Single-Payer Health Insurance?

If “only Nixon could visit China”, maybe “only Trump can pass single-payer health insurance”?

The “alt-right”, that racist segment of the right that fueled Trump’s victory, is moving more and more towards supporting single-payer health insurance (Medicare for all). And after the defeat of the repeal of Obamacare, they are getting more vocal about it. They support it because their base of working-class whites support it. Of course, they would want it to apply only to American citizens, and not (for example) to immigrants, especially not illegal ones.

What his means is that an unholy alliance of alt-right and progressive politicians (pretty much all Democrats, including Bernie supporters) could potentially cooperate to pass single-payer health insurance. Of course, this would have to overcome the health insurance companies who would be fighting strongly against it. But it is a chance.

I think this could be a big win for Trump (not to mention “president” Bannon, who supports the alt-right). And it looks like Trump is going to really need a big win soon.

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