Steeling for a Letdown

If there is one thing that defined Donald Trump’s campaign, it was his “America First” rhetoric. But it looks like that was just another lie.

Just a few days after becoming president, Trump signed a number of executive orders. One of the first ones reversed the Obama administration’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. Trump bragged that it would create jobs. The same day, he also signed an order that pipelines would have to be built using American Steel. On February 23, Trump even told the CEO of US Steel that the Keystone Pipeline had to be built with American steel. And in other speeches, he said the same thing.

But this week, Trump reversed course and now says that Keystone XL doesn’t have to use American steel. He now claims that the executive order only applies to new pipelines, not pipelines already under construction. Which makes no sense. How can a pipeline that was canceled be under construction?

But here’s the kicker. One of the foreign companies who has a contract to supply steel for the pipeline is Evraz Steel, which is a Canadian subsidiary of a Russian company, Evraz PLC.

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