Trump Stops Winning

It seems like almost everyone is on to Donald Trump. He finally gave a speech that was designed to be presidential. And his speech in the middle east was actually presidential.

Except that virtually nobody believed a word of it. He said reasonable things about Muslims. But Muslims are not so stupid. As one Muslim university professor put it “[The speech] will be met with deep skepticism in the Muslim world because Trump has been hostile and offensive to Muslims.”

Back in the US, politicians from both parties didn’t believe Trump either. After all, Trump was praising Saudi Arabia and enlisting them to fight terrorism. Even though Saudi Arabia was the homeland of the majority of the perpetrators of 9/11. More recently, in 2015 Saudi Arabia beheaded more people than ISIS.

Trump’s base, who lapped up Trump’s blatant Islamophobia during the campaign, was aghast. Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone said the speech made him “want to puke”. When Trump called Islam “one of the world’s great faiths” you could almost hear the base implode. Trump even seemed to scared to utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”, despite the fact that he had berated Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing for years. Trump’s most loyal supporters started calling him “President Cuck”.

The media was mostly unimpressed. The only effusive praise came from Breitbart, Steve Bannon’s old rag.

Trump has spent his life telling people just what they wanted to hear. He lies to everyone, and finally, in Trump’s clumsy attempt to appear presidential, they all saw him for what he is — someone who only has regard for himself and not even the slightest regard for the truth. Reality TV is still TV, and isn’t actually real.

How bad is it? Even Trump’s wife swatted away his hand when he tried to touch her.

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