Trump thinks the F-35 is Wonder Woman’s plane

Because aerial dogfighting is really just like it is in the movies… and Trump is too lazy to understand that off-the-cuff remarks about the F-35 repeated from other events like his Puerto Rico visit, still make no sense when repeated, and in this case get exaggerated further.

built like a brick border wall

But I mean we have equipment that — nobody has the equipment that we have. And it’s sad when we’re selling our equipment to other countries but we’re not buying it ourselves. But now that’s all changed. And I said, the stuff that we have is always a little bit better too. When we sell to other countries, even if they’re allies you never know about an ally. An ally can turn. You’re going to find that out. But I always say make lives a little bit better. Give it that extra speed, a little bit — keep a little bit — keep about 10% in the bag. We have — nobody has what with we have. That’s what we’re doing. We’re really proud of the Coast Guard and I’m very proud — I walked in today and Jean said, the day I got elected, the following morning, they were putting up the statement that I made right on your front door and I came in and the first thing I noticed, of course, I said wow, look at that. I said, did you put that up just for me because I happen to be coming here today? And you did that the first day. That tells me something. That tells me something.…

Trump: “…the air force ordering a lot of planes…the f-35 fighter jet, almost like an invisible fighter. I was asking the air force guys, I said how good is this plane? They said, well, sir, you can’t see it. I said but in a fight. In a fight. Like I watch on the movies”

— Tom Namako (@TomNamako) November 23, 2017

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