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On December 12, at 8:26am, apparently out of the blue, Donald Trump made the following tweet:

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The stock of Lockheed-Martin immediately dropped 4%, losing $ 4 billion in a few minutes.

Trump has attacked companies before. Just a week earlier, Trump attacked Boeing, causing its stock to drop 1%. Trump’s tweet that time happened an hour after a newspaper published a column by Boeing’s CEO criticizing Trump’s anti-China rhetoric.

But there was no obvious trigger for Trump’s tweet this time. Even more suspiciously, six minutes before Trump’s tweet hit the innertubes, someone started dumping large amounts of Lockheed-Martin stock, which would indicate they knew the tweet was coming.

We don’t know who was dumping stock before the tweet. Because we know almost nothing about Trump’s finances, it could have been Trump himself. Or a family member, or a friend. Chris Christie or Rudy Giuliani. Or Putin. Or someone blackmailing Trump.

Insider trading is illegal. Even worse, the president benefiting from something done by a foreign government is unconstitutional, and is grounds for impeachment.

Now that the Benghazi committee has nothing to do, maybe they should investigate this. Over and over (and over) again.

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