Why Watch the Vice Debate?

Tuesday night is the debate of the Vice Presidential candidates: Governor Mike Pence of Indiana and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Most people don’t know who these people are, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from watching them debate.

First of all, if Trump is elected he would be the oldest person ever to assume the presidency. If Clinton is elected, she would be the second oldest. So their vice presidential picks have a better than normal chance of assuming the presidency.

Second, who a presidential candidate picks to be their second says a lot about the candidate.

In particular, I think it will be good for people to get to know Tim Kaine. It turns out that I know someone well who lives in the same city as Kaine, and is friends with him. He thinks Kaine is great. I think he could be a rising star in the Democratic party, so he is worth getting to know.

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