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Alteryx CCO Olivia Duane Adams: Women Do Think Differently

Olivia Duane Adams is chief customer officer and cofounder of

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Alteryx Chief Customer
Olivia Duane Adams

In this exclusive interview, Adams speaks with TechNewsWorld about her passion for analytics, and the role of women in an analytics-driven future.

TechNewsWorld: Can you give me some background on Alteryx? What prompted you to start the company?

Olivia Duane Adams: We founded the company because we thought that analytics needed to be easier for people to understand and consume. Today, our technology is a leading platform for self-service analytics. Anybody in a company is able to use Alteryx to find data and analyze it, and they’re able to do it in a repeatable workflow.

A lot of times, analysts get asked the same questions, and repeatability saves them a lot of time. Data needs to be delivered at the time a question is asked. It’s got to be delivered in a matter of minutes, hours or days, and that’s what our technology allows our user community to do. It’s an exciting time to be in this analytic space.

TNW: Why do you have a passion for analytics?

Adams: It’s about having a sense of curiosity — the ability to look at data and say, ‘what is it telling me?’ I define analytics as ‘the ability to ingest any and all relevant sources of data that might help answer a question being asked.’

Analytics is the ability to use all the data you have to answer a question, or at least to drive insight to get to a better answer. Analytics is everywhere, and that’s because data is everywhere. When you think about data as an asset, that asset is going to drive answers, and hopefully action. That action could be to start doing, or to stop doing, or to modify what you’re already doing.

Analytics impacts every department in every company, and if they want to become smarter, all they have to do is become data-aware. If you think about the data you have, you’re able to move seamlessly forward in this world of analytics.

TNW: What challenges have you faced in your career as a woman in tech?

Adams: There is a perception that women are more approachable. This can be a challenge, because people will use me as a sounding board. What do you think? How would you handle this? What do you think? And so I always turn those into opportunities to help people understand where they’re coming from, and what change they want to make.

TNW: How can womens’ participation in STEM fields — and specifically analytics — be supported and promoted?

Adams: I see such huge opportunity, because I believe that women do think differently. We’ll always look at things differently, and that’s of huge value to the departments and teams and companies we work for, since it gives another perspective on how to approach a problem, how to solve a problem.

I see huge opportunities for women in STEM fields, and I would like to see more colleges and universities and K-12 grades motivating everyone, including women, to understand the opportunities and to demystify them for women. Sometimes there’s a disconnect, where undergraduate students think the real world is so far away. How do we help them see the reality of these careers, and how they can have an impact in them?

I’d love to see colleges and universities putting students in the real world, so they’re ready to take these jobs when they graduate. One program that we have is the Alteryx for Good program. We’re giving our technology to universities that want to teach analytics in their courses. It’s free for the university when it’s being taught in the classroom.

It puts the students in a position to use technology that’s very employable when they graduate, and it gives them a taste of what it’s like to use this technology in a real-world situation. It gives them a sense of what it feels like to be in the real world. Our passion is to make sure that those students are using state-of-the-art technology.

We hear great feedback about the technology, and they love using it in their courses. At one university, for instance, they’re using Alteryx in their journalism program, because when you’re a journalist, you need to be able to quote facts. Where do you find those facts? In the data that’s available.

TNW: What’s in the future for the field of analytics, and for Alteryx? How are things evolving?

Adams: As we talk to senior leaders from organizations around the world, we continuously hear them say that their companies need to be more analytic. Data is everywhere, and companies are becoming data-aware. As data continues to grow, organizations are asking tougher questions that they need to be able to answer in a timely manner.
end enn Alteryx CCO Olivia Duane Adams: Women Do Think Differently

Vivian%20Wagner Alteryx CCO Olivia Duane Adams: Women Do Think DifferentlyVivian Wagner has been an ECT News Network reporter since 2008. Her main areas of focus are technology, business, CRM, e-commerce, privacy, security, arts, culture and diversity. She has extensive experience reporting on business and technology for a variety
of outlets, including The Atlantic, The Establishment and O, The Oprah Magazine. She holds a PhD in English with a specialty in modern American literature and culture. She received a first-place feature reporting award from the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists.
Email Vivian.

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[Virtual Lab 11/29] From Data Prep to Visualization in Less Time with Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx

Good decisions start with good data, but are you spending more time prepping and blending data than analyzing and visualizing it to make insightful decisions?

Attend our virtual lab and follow along as we walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to build your very own workflow in Alteryx and create interactive reports and dashboards in Microsoft Power BI.

Learn how to:

  • Cleanse and standardize your data using a repeatable workflow
  • Easily join data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets and cloud applications
  • Perform predictive and spatial analytics in a drag-and-drop interface, no coding required
  • Build powerful visualizations, dashboards, and interactive reports to generate deeper insights

ccecd4b1 f228 4eea 833f 04371f6dfa64 [Virtual Lab 11/29] From Data Prep to Visualization in Less Time with Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx

For this session you will need to download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft and sign up for a Microsoft Power BI account.

Join this virtual lab on November 29th and learn how to become a more self-sufficient analyst.


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[Webinar 10/27] Overcome Key Marketing Analytics Challenges with Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx

social default image [Webinar 10/27] Overcome Key Marketing Analytics Challenges with Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx

With more digital work being done than ever before, the sheer volume of data that marketing departments collect is growing each and every day. As a result of this influx of data, marketers now have more opportunity to drive better outcomes for their organizations. Marketing departments need to gain deeper insights into their marketing data in order to maximize their impact and ROI. However, analysts must deal with the increasing volume and complexity of the data before they can deliver timely insights relating to important areas such as campaign, website and social analytics.

There are several challenges that analysts face, but two of the most crucial are Manual Manipulation of the data and Lack of Insight due to the flood of data. Manually hunting for and combining data is inefficient, and there is no easy way to translate the flood of marketing data into insights and action.

So, how can you, as an analyst, combat these challenges and get more value from your marketing data at the point of impact?

Join this webinar and learn how you or your analysts can:

  • Quickly blend marketing data from multiple sources to deliver a comprehensive view of your marketing initiatives.
  • Prepare and cleanse your data in 1/10th the time it normally takes, and automate the process for easy repeatability.
  • Gain deeper insights into your marketing data by utilizing predictive analysis with no coding required.
  • Visualize your data in interactive reports and dashboards that can be accessed with any browser and shared with everyone in your organization.

Join us Thursday Oct. 27th 10 am PDT


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[Webinar 06/30] – Improve Your Sales Analytics with Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI

social default image [Webinar 06/30]   Improve Your Sales Analytics with Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI

Register for this joint webinar with Alteryx to explore how sales analysts are using Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx to get deeper insights, improve performance and identify new business opportunities.

Analysts in Sales have to prepare and analyze data quickly to react to changing customer and market demands. However, time spent blending sales data and visualizing it takes away from time spent identifying new business opportunities. Analysts need to improve their work with data in order to optimize the sales team’s process and performance.

In this webinar you’ll see real customer examples on how sales professionals:

  • Improve sales forecasting by easily blending all your relevant sales data from multiple sources in 1/10th of the time
  • Gain deeper insights into your sales data by utilizing predictive analysis and data visualization with no coding required
  • Build new revenue streams by aligning sales and marketing on the right customer profiles and targeted offers

Register now for this live webinar

Don’t forget to check out full webinar list for upcoming and on demand events


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The Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft

social default image The Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft

Over 5 million subscribers are embracing Power BI for modern business intelligence. Why?

Power BI offers users a strong and robust toolset that makes it easier to analyze data and share insights. This toolset also includes capabilities that deliver enterprise readiness, deepen integration with Excel, and enhance intelligent data exploration. All this leads to creating richer visualizations, dashboards, reports and ultimately actions that improve your business.

A great visualization in Power BI starts with utilizing the right data. Yet, most analysts spend up to 90% of their time getting this data prepared or relying on others to get the data ready. Weeks to months are devoted to preparing a dataset for analysis and visualization. This is not efficient.

That’s why Microsoft partnered with Alteryx (our premier sponsor at this year’s Data Insights Summit) to provide the Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft, an integrated solution that enables analysts to quickly go from preparing data to creating rich visualizations with Power BI.

Included in the kit is a series of modules that show you how to utilize pre-built analytic workflows to quickly and easily perform tasks such as:

· Data Preparation: Quickly prep, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources for Power BI consumption. Deliver a repeatable workflow process to reduce the time spent on manual processes. Push datasets directly to Power BI to create rich visualizations.

· Advanced Analytics: Utilize the power of spatial and predictive analytics in a simple drag-and-drop interface without having to write code. Add a new dimension of insight to your visualizations with advanced modeling tools to handle complex use cases such as Multi-Channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Location Selection, Market Basket Analysis, and more.

· Text Analytics: Build repeatable analytic workflows and harness the power of Azure Machine Learning to easily perform sentiment analysis and extract key phrases from your data.

Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft now, and make your data analysis work even more efficient. As always, we love to receive your feedback – let us know how you’re using the Starter Kit on our Community site!

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Alteryx big data analytics platform stakes data-prep claim

Each quarter, the editors at SearchBusinessAnalytics recognize a business intelligence or analytics technology for innovation and market impact. The product selected this quarter is Alteryx Analytics 10 from Alteryx Inc.

Product: Alteryx Analytics 10

Release date: 10.0 in September 2015; 10.1 update issued in December

What it does

The Alteryx Analytics 10 big data analytics platform focuses on three key areas: data preparation, self-service analytics and advanced analytics. The Alteryx Analytics 10 umbrella product includes Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Gallery and Alteryx Server, each of which can be purchased individually, or as part of the broader platform.

Designer is a data preparation tool that users access through a graphical user interface that allows them to connect to a range of data sources. The Analytics 10.0 release added connectors to perform in-database processing in several popular big data platforms. Links are made through native connectors.

sBA ed choice Designer mobile Alteryx big data analytics platform stakes data prep claim Example data workflow using the Designer data preparation tool.

Once data sources are added users can build data workflows to structure and organize their data automatically. The 10.0 release added support for the application of R programming functions through drag-and-drop tools, rather than coding.

After data is prepared, users can access it in the Alteryx Gallery product — another standalone tool that can be purchased as part of the full Alteryx Analytics platform. Gallery supports the creation and publishing of analytical applications to a company website, which can be used to build self-service analytics tools. The 10.0 release included a simplified user interface and new visualizations for interpreting predictive analytics results.

sBA ed choice Gallery mobile Alteryx big data analytics platform stakes data prep claim Sample homepage using the Gallery data visualization tool.

Alteryx Server, the third leg in the Alteryx Analytics stool, enables users to create and share workflows and analytics applications throughout the organization at scale.

The combination of Designer and Gallery, while emphasizing self-service and usability, generally support more advanced analytics than typical self-service tools. The integration with R and support for geospacial analysis drew praise from Gartner in its latest Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms.

Why it matters

Data preparation is increasingly becoming a key focus for business users, and vendors are picking up on the trend. Users see time to insights as a key measure to justify their investment in an analysis product, and data preparation is often one of the areas where the data analysis process bogs down. Analysts commonly complain that they spend upwards of 80% of their time just wrangling data.

Alteryx staked a large part of its claim on addressing this issue. By offering native connectors to most popular big data analytics platforms and databases, and creating functionality to automate and share data-processing workflows, Alteryx is hoping to draw customers to its big data analytics platform who are frustrated with existing data preparation tools.

What users say

This is exactly what drew Jenny Zhang, business analytics manager at New York-based JW Player, to the product in September 2015. She and her team use only the Designer product, rather than the broader Alteryx Analytics platform. But she said she brought it on because the data preparation feature in Tableau, which the company uses as its primary reporting tool, couldn’t keep up with the business’ needs.

Zhang and her team use Designer to blend data from separate Salesforce, Google Analytics and Marketo databases. Zhang said doing this with Tableau’s data preparation tool was “a bad experience for the end user.” When shopping for replacements, Zhang said she tested Designer by having it join seven tables from three different databases, which it completed in about 30 seconds.

“I was so impressed with the results of the trial,” Zhang said.


  • Analytics 10.0 added connectors for linking the platform to Amazon Redshift, Cloudera Impala, Teradata, Spark, SAP HANA, MongoDB, Marketo and Salesforce.
  • Also new in 10.0 is support for R programming functions, whether using open source R, OracleR or SparkR. Functions can be applied during data preparation through a graphical user interface, rather than coding.
  • The Analytics 10.1 release includes centralized version control capabilities so analysts can collaborate on projects without losing work.
  • Analytics 10.1 also lets administrators control how analytics workflows and apps are shared with business users in Gallery.


Customers pay the same price for the three components of Alteryx Analytics, whether they buy them as standalone products or as the complete platform. A three-year subscription to Alteryx Designer costs $ 3,995 per user, per year. Alteryx Server costs $ 45,000 per user, per year under a three-year plan. Alteryx Gallery costs $ 1,500 per user, per year on a three-year plan.

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