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GDPR claims its first victims: U.S. newspapers

Today marks the start of Europe’s tough new privacy regime, and despite two years of warning and preparation time, at least two newspaper chains in the U.S. couldn’t figure it out.

Readers in Europe woke up this morning to find that newspapers owned by Tronc, including the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, were no longer accessible. Some Tronc apps had also disappeared from EU app stores.

Lee Enterprises, which owns a string of 46 smaller regional newspapers, also announced its sites were not available.

While these two groups took the most extreme measures, USA Today redirected readers in Europe to a new site (https://eu.usatoday.com/) that has a limited number of news stories and no advertising.

GateHouse Media also appeared to be blocking European IP addresses at some newspapers.

Today marks the first day of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, a new set of rules intended to give European Union residents more control over their personal data. The rules were adopted in April 2016, giving companies two years to prepare. In recent days and weeks, most people in the EU have likely had their email inboxes flooded with requests to re-opt into various services.

The rules require more express consent to allow for collection of personal data and include the possibility of fines up to 4 percent of a company’s global revenue.

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Darwin Claims Another

blank Darwin Claims Another

A Russian learned some lessons about hand grenade use the hard way:

A Russian man has died after posing for a picture with a hand grenade after taking the pin out.

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik had sent an image to his friend showing himself holding the grenade moments before it detonated, killing him instantly.

Police say that he had sent several images to friends where he posed with the hand grenade and that this indicates that he had not intended to take his own life.

A graphic police picture shows the appalling carnage.

Moments earlier, one friend had messaged him: ‘Where are you? Are you OK?’


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commie Trump claims China is the land of low taxes … so the US must now become a workers' paradise

 commie Trump claims China is the land of low taxes ... so the US must now become a workers' paradise

More Trump lies, but after the first 1000, he perhaps thinks we don’t care anymore, so perhaps the USA means of production must now come under the control of the State, along with universal health care and free college education.

Must be that vaunted “presidential pivot”, or Schumer/Pelosi cooties.

On the collective irony front, Trump’s attempt to erase Obama’s accomplishments like ACA actually may make single-payer easier to implement.

And like many on Twitter stating resistance to Huckabee-Sanders, Trump is a #whitesupremacist, also ….

 commie Trump claims China is the land of low taxes ... so the US must now become a workers' paradise

Lowering the corporate tax rate to 15 percent has long been a key part of Trump’s plan to rewrite the country’s tax code.

However, China’s corporate tax rate is technically 25 percent with some companies meeting qualifications to have tax rates reduced to 15 percent.

Trump has shifted his attention in recent weeks to tax reform. With a stopgap government funding measure and short-term debt ceiling increase behind him, the president is launching a push for tax reform.



 commie Trump claims China is the land of low taxes ... so the US must now become a workers' paradise
The Corporate Tax Rate in China stands at 25 percent. Corporate Tax Rate in China averaged 29.19 percent from 1997 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 33 percent in 1998 and a record low of 25 percent in 2008. tradingeconomics.com/…

Corporate Tax Rate by G20 Country 

DJps2iqVwAA5Jl1 commie Trump claims China is the land of low taxes ... so the US must now become a workers' paradise

and tin foil hat prices will rise…

 commie Trump claims China is the land of low taxes ... so the US must now become a workers' paradise

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Mi Pay Claims To Support 33 Banks, 90%+ Users Are Males

Xiaomi’s payment service Mi Pay recently published its semi-annual user statistics report and claims that three new banks support Mi Pay bringing the total number of banks supporting Mi Pay to 33.

Meanwhile, over one million Mi Pay users have bound their credit cards to Mi Pay accounts.

According to the report, 18 banks supported Mi Pay when the service was launched and the number now increases to 33, including 14 medium and large joint-stock commercial banks such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, and China Merchants Bank. Of those banks, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and China Merchants Bank were the most popular among Mi fans.

The report also shows that Mi Pay is currently available on Xiaomi’s five flagship modes with the NFC function: Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi 5s, Xiaomi 5s Plus, Xiaomi Note 2, and Xiaomi MIX. Of those products, Xiaomi Note 2 was the most popular among Mi fans.

By region, Guangdong province ranked first by Mi Pay user number and trade value; by age, over 70% Mi Pay users are young people born after the 1990s; and by gender, up to 91.6% of Mi Pay users are male.

Public files show that on September 1, 2016, Xiaomi cooperated with China UnionPay for the official launch of Mi Pay, making it another smartphone maker that partnered with China UnionPay following Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

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Experts urge caution when evaluating marketing claims for AI tools

TTlogo 379x201 Experts urge caution when evaluating marketing claims for AI tools

Unbridled enthusiasm for all things artificial intelligence is so last year.

While 2016 was marked by huge amounts of hype around the growing prominence of AI tools in the enterprise, the new year is shaping up to be much more skeptical. That hard-nosed realism around all things AI was a big part of the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Grapevine, Texas.

“Just because we have AI doesn’t mean we get a better decision. It’s just a tool,” said Scott Zoldi, chief analytics officer at software vendor FICO, in a presentation at the conference. Zoldi leads development of analytics products at FICO that include credit scoring models and fraud detection systems, some incorporating AI and machine learning algorithms.

For Zoldi, advanced machine learning practices, including AI, have followed in the wake of big data in terms of hype. After spending the last five years or so accumulating huge data sets, businesses are now looking for ways to extract value. Machine learning is widely seen as a way of making sense out of and learning from large data volumes. This has in part led to all the hype around AI we’re seeing today, and software vendors are looking to capitalize on the excitement, Zoldi said.

“There’s lots of applications for analytics and AI,” he said. “There’s also lots of ways it can go wrong. It takes a lot of time to learn how to use AI responsibly and not be misled.”

The need for caution when evaluating AI tools was echoed by several Gartner analysts. Alexander Linden said there’s currently a “zoo” of AI technologies, many of which are being promoted by software companies using lofty claims. He pointed to IBM’s marketing claim that its cognitive platform Watson “can think like a human.”

AI that solves everything will remain a fantasy for a very long time.

Alexander Lindenanalyst, Gartner

That’s not the case. Linden said most of today’s AI tools are far from this kind of general intelligence. Instead they focus on relatively narrow tasks. For example, the AI algorithm developed last year by Google’s DeepMind, AlphaGo, which mastered the chess-like game Go, would be unable to compete on the gameshow Jeopardy!, while Watson, which beat human contestants on the show in 2011, would struggle to play Go competently. General, human-like intelligence is still a long way off.

“Marketing messages like [IBM’s] confuse people,” Linden said. “AI that solves everything will remain a fantasy for a very long time.”

In the meantime, analyst Tom Austin of Gartner recommended that enterprises interested in AI tools think more about point products that address specific needs. This includes things like chatbots and intelligent customer assistants. There have been significant advances in AI technologies in recent years, he said, even if those achievements don’t quite match the vendor hype. Right now, purpose-built AI applications tend to perform better than more general-purpose tools, he said.

Austin also recommended that enterprises think about the near term. There’s so much development going on around AI that what looks sleek and shiny today could be obsolete six months from now.

Additionally, most of the big players in the space, like Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft, are fighting it out to position their platforms as the de facto standard. It’s too early to say which will win or which will offer the strongest set of AI tools. So getting locked into a longer-term contact at this stage would be a mistake, Austin said.

“You should be focused on quick time to business value,” he said. “Have no patience. There [are] many grandiose schemes that suppliers can talk about, but you want to pick something that will work.”

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Limp Gasbag claims that Obama's lesbian farmers will invade rural America

 Limp Gasbag claims that Obama's lesbian farmers will invade rural America

Rush Limbaugh claims that federal lesbians will take over the rural American farm next door


Determined to establish a basic truth, Kollontai portrayed the woman question not as a matter of political liberation or social reform, but symbolically as a “piece of bread,” which meant that for women to be truly free they had to be economically independent.~ The heart of the matter, which feminists in Russia ignored, was the domestic and marital situation. How could independence be possible for women of the working class unless the family ceased to be a closed, individual unit? Were the feminists so unrealistic as to believe that the contemporary class state, however democratically structured, would take on itself all the obligations relating to maternity and child care that were fulfilled by the individual family?  Aleksandra Kollontai, The Social Bases of the Woman Question (1909)

Actually threatening rural populations with greater (urban) diversity seems to have been a regular meme on the Limbaugh radio show, what is more amusing is that it’s being raised yet again because HRC being connected by the RWNJs to the subtext of lesbianism, the Obama administration, and transgression of the Other closer to your home, if not into your kids’ school bathrooms.



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Parents blame cops.

Of course.

Here are the girls’ names: Dominique 16, Ashaunti and Laniya (both 15)

All had long prior records.

They were evading the cops.

Their car went into a 15 foot deep pond.

It’s night time.

It’s Florida.

Just one word: ALLIGATORS!!

The cops’ shoes kept sinking in the muck. They refused to go in.

I don’t blame them.

They just saved society millions upon millions of dollars in future prosecution fees, defense fees, prison fees, welfare, food stamps, etc.

As deputies debated the safety of carrying out the rescue of a stolen car from a Florida pond on March 31, three teenage girls drowned inside, according to news reports. Deputies deemed the rescue unsafe after wading into the water, but dashcam footage led the girls’ families to question how much the deputies did to save them.

Around 4 a.m. that morning, Fox News reports that a deputy saw a stolen 1998 Honda Accord driving near St. Petersburg without headlights on. While trying to evade the deputy, the driver reportedly missed a sharp turn and the car went into a pond, per Miami Herald.

The newest footage from the incident includes audio recording of the deputies’ conversation, with one voice saying pointing out the fact that he heard yelling. Later on, another voice says, “Now, they’re done. They’re done.” According to the Herald, a wrecker arrived two hours later. Here’s a video that has part of that conversation and a look at the murky pond:

According to reports, the deputies originally thought the girls escaped and ran away as the car sank in 15 feet of water.

After realizing the girls were inside, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said deputies went in the water and attempted to save the girls. Their feet sank upon entering the pond, and they deemed the rescue to be too risky. With windows rolled up and doors closed, Fox reports that the sheriff, Bob Gualtieri, said the car was a “death chamber.”

The Tampa Tribune reports that the three girls, identified as Dominique Battle, 16, Ashaunti Butler and Laniya Miller, both 15, had seven arrests on record for crimes that included vehicle thefts.

Lawyers representing the families of the girls claim that the accounts by the sheriff’s office are full of holes and a “smear campaign” against the girls due to discussions of their past records following their deaths. In response to claims of inconsistencies in the story, the office released more footage on their Facebook:

A message from the department accompanied footage, indicating that the department shared the video “with the hope that the false narrative being spread about this incident stops.” Here’s more from the post:

Unfortunately, some people are irresponsibly and falsely posting on Facebook that deputies did not attempt to rescue the 3 girls who tragically drowned while fleeing from the police in a stolen car a few weeks ago.

The sheriff stated at the time that deputies removed their gun belts and clothes and tried to enter the water to rescue the girls, but the conditions in the water prevented them from doing so. This is exactly what happened, and we stand by that.

All video regarding the incident has been released, including the below clip that shows deputies who had taken off their duty gear in an effort to rescue the girls. The other video being shown omits this part that shows deputies who had entered the water in their effort to rescue the girls.

According to the Herald, Gualtieri added that the video doesn’t show 15 deputies who later arrived on scene. He also said the families should not promote a “false narrative” about the situation, per the Herald.

But the girls’ families aren’t sure they have the full story, and Fox quoted one of their lawyers as saying they will be “asking for those answers to come.”

Medical Claims Company Expands Easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM Blog Medical Claims Company Expands Easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A new professional management services company that focuses on operational and administrative solutions for disability and medical case management wanted to update its business software, since the business was growing at an accelerated pace.

With an expanding number of clients, and a variety of diverse clients, they found it essential to obtain a more practical CRM solution. Because of the particular demands of these clients, certain issues emerged.

After looking at various options, this business decided on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Portal Connector, SharePoint and Yammer. This business also decided to work with The TM Group as their partner after a few consultations.

The TM Group, as a local partner, was able to provide face-to-face meetings with this client, which is an aspect this business was previously lacking with their remote partner. The TM Group was able to help the needs of this company that became visible as it grew.

View this business’ project profile by visiting The TM Group’s website to learn more about how The TM Group aided this company to success.

by The TM Group

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