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Insights from the Hackathon at TIBCO Energy Forum 2017

Today’s booming competitive landscape demands that to create a value analytics added solution, a company must invest on multiple levels:

  • Find a BI tool that is fit for the problem and tech ecosystem
  • Train a team to work within the paradigm of the tool
  • Define their domain specific problems as analytic questions
  • Apply the team’s skills and tool capabilities to answer the analytic question

Often, companies will achieve 2-3 out of the above 4 and fail to reap the full benefit of their investments. At the TIBCO Energy Forum 2017 Hackathon we set about to address this by allowing the format to be flexible.

The 2-hour guided hackathon was designed to address common analytic use cases in the energy sector and how TIBCO Spotfire could be leveraged to gain insight. We saw registrations from more than 130 Spotfire enthusiasts of all skill levels. They could choose to compete in the guided hackathon or follow along and explore the energy sector problems they found most relevant in the areas of machine learning, geoanalytics, data exploration, production data analysis, and integrating social media insights into their applications.

solution screen Insights from the Hackathon at TIBCO Energy Forum 2017

Participant entry and comments for “Points in Polygons” problem, which asked analysts to programmatically match the Wells to their regional properties.

The TIBCO tech team was excited to evaluate the participant entries and discover how they had transformed data and leveraged data functions to customize dashboards, identify unique patterns through visualizations, and bridge the gap between knowing the product and using it effectively to solve the business problem.

We at TIBCO recognize that building an ecosystem where consumers are able to develop on and contribute to the platform benefits the entire community. To this effect, we encourage you to try the Spotfire hackathon exercises and send in your entries, questions, and feedback to drspotfire@tibco.com.

Resource Links

  • TIBCO Energy Solutions contains datasheets, case studies, solutions and other resources specific to the Energy Sector.
  • TIBCO Community Exchange contains under category “Analytics” reusable components and data functions that can be downloaded and then added to your dxp file.
  • TIBCO Answers page is a question and answer forum for TIBCO Products. Spotfire questions can be asked under Analytics or Spotfire tags.
  • Dr Spotfire will feature online training and Q&A sessions biweekly for both new Spotfire users and existing Spotfire users.

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FREE Training on Insights for Dynamics 365

FREE Training – Microsoft Insights for Dynamics 365 powered by InsideView Technologies, Inc.  

Jan 18, 2018 1:00 PM Eastern Time 

Microsoft Insights powered by InsideView is included in most Microsoft CRM/Dynamics 365 subscriptions and is one of the most powerful tools in the system.  Join us for a free training webinar on how to get the most out of Insights for Dynamics 365. Guest speaker Jeff Brenot from InsideView will co-present.

Topics for the training session – 

-Update Lead, Account and Contact records with just a single click

-Add new contacts to Accounts

-Place Accounts on your watchlist to be notified automatically when new information is released about them

-View ownership and family tree information -View posts your leads, customers, suppliers, and competitors publish on social media

-Build and import lists of precisely targeted prospects based on a wide variety of criteria: demographics, firmographics, business triggers, and common connections


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IDC Insights: Selecting the Right ERP System Critical to Support Future Growth

Posted by Mickey North Rizza, IDC Program Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce

Digital Transformation (DX) is fundamentally changing businesses, allowing them to transform their decision making, which is enhancing their business outcomes significantly. Digital transformation is an enterprise wide, board-level, strategic reality for companies wishing to remain relevant or maintain or enhance their leadership position in the digital economy. Digitally transformed businesses have a repeatable set of practices and disciplines used to leverage new business, 3rd Platform technology, innovation accelerators and operating models to disrupt businesses, customers, and markets in pursuit of business performance and growth. DX is driving businesses to rethink their technology strategy and that includes moving beyond their legacy back office ERP systems. New sources of innovation and creativity to enhance experiences and financial outcomes are paving the way for enterprises to move towards SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP software.

Why move to SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP systems?

Years of spreadsheet jockeying and little visibility make it hard for small and midsized businesses to grow quickly. Larger midmarket businesses have invested in legacy systems that are customized heavily, meaning that every upgrade is a costly and painful process, not to mention the sunk costs in hardware and maintenance. Midmarket businesses looking to grow and move beyond these issues are rethinking their ERP system strategy, seriously considering SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP systems.

Businesses of all sizes undergoing digital transformation have turned their focus to SaaS and cloud-enabled software because they need flexible, agile ERP systems that are configurable, continuously updated, quick to implement and scalable. Small and midmarket businesses are finding that most SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP systems are now within their means, allowing them to quickly expand and grow into new regions around the globe.

How do I select the right SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP system?

Fortunately for ERP buyers there is a massive amount of information surrounding ERP solutions, but synthesizing it can be quite complex. Organizations require significant research to fully understand what they will be buying. So many buyers are quickly scanning the internet, finding a list of ERP vendors and reaching out to them, before they even issue an RFP. This leads to massive confusion and uncertainty.

One sure method for finding the right ERP vendor is an IDC MarketScape document on ERP. IDC publishes IDC MarketScapes for multitudes of applications across the technology spectrum. Midmarket ERP buyers can utilize the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-enabled Midmarket ERP Vendor Assessment, 2017. The document is thorough, following a rigorous research methodology that looks at vendor offerings, their go-to-market strategy and their business. IDC MarketScapes include a representative list of midmarket ERP technology vendors. Vendors were then surveyed and further investigated to ensure that their ERP systems qualified as SaaS or cloud enabled and were already serving mid-market clients. Fifteen vendors actively participated in the research with a total of 52 references contacted and interviewed. Discussions with references included the systems utilized and their perception of the vendor and software in terms of technical support, account management, marketing message, level of value delivered versus price paid, ease of integration, user interface and ROI. In addition, references also provided areas of improvement and their future business requirements.

The document is an excellent way for the IT buyer to look at the market, understand the market and vendors, determine the field of vendors to include in an RFP, and for the selection process. The IDC MarketScape figure quickly displays the field of vendors so that Leaders, Major Players, Contenders and Participants are outlined based on their strategies and capabilities. The segments are:

Leaders: Vendors strong in both strategies and capabilities.

Major Players: Show strength in most areas of strategies and capabilities.

Contenders: Have many strengths but are often limited in some areas such as geography, industries, or specific product features.

Participants: Are often new entrants, or fading stars with few exceptional capabilities or strategies.

The vendor profiles provide a guide to the IT Buyer on who the vendor is, the strengths and challenges for each vendor and many times include reference comments. Finally, a recommendation is provided for the IT Buyer on when they should consider a particular vendor. The IDC MarketScape document is a guide for vendor inclusion in your selection process and also a must have reference document that answers many of your questions on the vendors in the market.

To learn more, read about NetSuite’s place in the MarketScape for Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-enabled Midmarket ERP applications 2017 and watch a webcast with NetSuite and IDC on how to select the right ERP vendor.

About the Author

 IDC Insights: Selecting the Right ERP System Critical to Support Future GrowthMickey North Rizza is program vice president for IDC’s Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce research practice. She leads a team of analysts responsible for IDC’s coverage of the next generation of enterprise applications including ERP, financial applications, procurement, supply chain automation project and portfolio management, enterprise asset management, services resource planning (SRP) and related project-based solutions software and the digital commerce business network. In her role, Mickey and the team advises clients on ERP and i-ERP systems and associated applications, and digital commerce with a focus on the key trends, opportunities, innovation and the IT and Business Buyer concerns and requirements.

Posted on Mon, January 8, 2018
by NetSuite filed under

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From Insights to Action with the Power Apps custom visual

Power BI makes it possible for anyone to explore data and find insights to make better business decisions. But often, the insight itself isn’t the end result – instead, an action needs to be taken.  It could be identifying an underperforming sales region and initiating a targeted promotion to get it on track.  Or it might be identifying suspicious sensor readings from manufacturing devices and creating a work order to investigate.

With the new PowerApps custom visual for Power BI, taking action has never been easier or more integrated.  PowerApps makes it easy to build automated workflows that connect to software and services you already use.  Now, with our custom visual, you can use Power BI to find an insight, then trigger a PowerApps app right from within your report.  The custom visual eliminates manual, error-prone data entry so people across your organization can take action in one click.  If you’ve previously used the capability of embedding a PowerApp inside a Power BI dashboard tile, the custom visual takes it a step further.  It allows context about the current data being shown in a report to be passed through to your app, so you can prefill fields or lookup additional information.

Working%20Report From Insights to Action with the Power Apps custom visual

Check out the PowerApps team blog for more details on getting started.


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At Splunk .conf 2017: New Ways to Gain Business Insights and Meet Compliance Requirements from Mobile, Web and Mainframe Data

More and more organizations are looking for ways to access Mainframe data and make it available for business intelligence in next-generation analytics platforms. Splunk’s advanced visualization and analytics platform is a very popular target for diverse sources of enterprise-wide data, including mainframe. Syncsort designed Ironstream to provide total visibility into the z/OS environment by delivering mainframe machine data to Splunk® Enterprise and other Splunk platforms to provide unmatched analysis supporting IT Operations Analytics, Security Information & Event Management, and IT Service Intelligence.

To address current initiatives that are key to many of our customers, yesterday at Splunk .conf, Syncsort announced a new addition and a new partnership to its innovative Ironstream® solution that enables collection of log data from SMF, RMF, Syslog and other z/OS sources, and forwards that data in real time to the Splunk® Enterprise analytics platform.

How to Gain Visibility into Business Services Across Mobile, Web and Mainframe Platforms

Our new product offering is Ironstream® Transaction Tracing, which enables IT staff with minimal mainframe knowledge to get deep insight into how web-based and mobile transactions impact the mainframe, with unprecedented granularity that enables them to quickly identify and solve service problems and improve customer satisfaction.

Highlights of Transaction Tracing include:

  • Expanding Visibility into the Total End-user Experience: Tracks transactions initiated on and off the mainframe – including mobile and web platforms – and feeds data in real-time to Splunk Enterprise to take advantage of its advanced analytics and visualization.
  • Providing Deeper Visibility into Mainframe Impact: Provides critical information on overall transaction response time, with the ability to drill-down into transaction details including time spent, and resources consumed, on CICS and Db2 on z/OS.
  • Supporting Business Service Management Initiatives: Enables transaction problem isolation and resolution for long-running transactions, to meet SLAs, improving application performance and end-user experience.
  • Support for Splunk IT Service Intelligence: Allows Splunk® IT Service Intelligence users to drill-down to see added detail for transactions that hit key mainframe resources and proactively respond to slow growing problems within CICS and Db2 that might impact business critical SLAs.

Carahsoft Partners with Syncsort to Address Compliance for the Public Sector

Another key use case that mainframe data is needed to address is compliance. Yesterday, we also announced we have forged a distribution partnership with Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider™ Carahsoft. Carahsoft’s network of specialized resellers will market and sell Syncsort Ironstream® to deliver real-time mainframe machine data to Splunk® Enterprise, helping government agencies meet regulatory requirements.

This new partnership will allow federal, state and local agencies to get a handle on all enterprise data, including mainframe, required to meet compliance needs. The combination of Ironstream and Splunk® Enterprise also provides a way to get valuable insights to support their ITOA, Enterprise Security and IT Service Intelligence initiatives. The distribution agreement makes Ironstream a formal part of the solution set for Carahsoft resellers.

blog banner eBook Ironstream case studies 1 At Splunk .conf 2017: New Ways to Gain Business Insights and Meet Compliance Requirements from Mobile, Web and Mainframe Data

Syncsort and Carahsoft, and their expert government resellers will work together to provide a complete solution that helps agencies comply with strict regulations, such as IRS publication 1075 tax information security requirements, and save money by improving operations and preventing erroneous or fraudulent payments.

To learn more about the new Ironstream product and our partnership with Carahsoft, listen to Syncsort CEO, Josh Rogers’ appearance on theCUBE at 2:30 PM ET today. And, if you’re at Splunk .conf this week, stop by the Syncsort booth #T1 to see a live demo of Transaction Tracing!

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Engagement Insights Easily Delivers Marketing Metrics You Care About

blog title engagement insights 351x200 Engagement Insights Easily Delivers Marketing Metrics You Care About

The modern marketer is flooded with data. Website data. Pipeline data. Email data. Social  Media data. Views. Likes. Comments. Clicks. Cart abandonment. Conversions. There are vanity metrics, marketing metrics, and business metrics.

It can be – and often is – overwhelming. As Act-On blogger Pam Neely recently reported, “53% of marketing executives feel ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of data produced by their marketing technologies.”

At Act-On, we believe marketers should quickly be able to access the key engagement analytics they and the executive team care about. That’s why we’ve developed Engagement Insights, an easy-to-use templated approach to measuring marketing performance using tools you’re already using – Google Sheets or Excel.

Now, Act-On customers can gain real-time insight on how their audience is engaging with them. And those insights should not only be actionable and easily shareable with key stakeholders throughout your organization, but also drive optimization and improvements for your marketing programs.

With Act-On’s Engagement Insights – powered by Data Studio – marketers will be able to quickly have visibility into what they care about:

  • Email & Message: Measure key metrics across all email campaigns including number sent, opened and click thru rates
  • Forms: Know exactly what forms are converting visitors into leads and see trends over time
  • Landing Pages: Better understand what campaign landing pages are performing best, as well as see the engagement trends over time
  • Content Assets: Focus future activities by learning exactly what your audience is engaging with on your website, as well as when they are engaging

At Act-On, our mission is to empower marketers to do the best work of their careers. With Engagement Insights, we’re giving marketers the cypher to find meaningful signals from all the data being collected.

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Deeper Insights to Keep Formula One Champions in the Driver’s Seat

rsz m64078 1 Deeper Insights to Keep Formula One Champions in the Driver’s Seat

As a lifelong fan of Formula One—and someone equally passionate about technology—going behind the scenes at the recent British Grand Prix and checking out the engineering prowess at Mercedes was truly eye opening. Knowing that this very work is set to be supported by TIBCO’s advanced analytic capabilities, made the event all the richer. The subsequent Mercedes first and second place certainly kept my spirits high!

In the wake of our global partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, TIBCO technology is set to derive deeper insight on the inner workings of the racing cars to help to optimise every facet of performance. Real-time streaming, visual, and predictive analytics will combine to put everything from tire pressure to fuel burn efficiency under the microscope to support the race engineers on site and at the factory with decision making and automated action.

The more I see, the more I am struck by the synergy of values and motivation between our two brands, which is an alignment that provides a critical foundation for any successful partnership.

As the sleek, silver machines tore around the circuit, it occurred to me that speed is perhaps the most prominent parallel of all; as a company we have long spoken of the two-second advantage and the criticality of fast, real-time actionable insight to gain an edge on the competition. In practice, it means that being equipped with all the facts—that deeper level of information that gives you that extra two seconds on anyone else—enabling you to make critical decisions in real-time to the advantage of your business.

In short, this level of detail puts you in the driver’s seat. This seems to be a perfect metaphor for an environment where every second counts—a pit stop, for example, lasts just 2.4 seconds during which the tires will be changed, petrol tanks filled, and terabytes of data downloaded and analyzed.

Being pushed to the limit and squeezing every drop of value out of the technical and human capabilities is now a given. The sport has always had a reputation for being technically demanding—the ultimate collusion of man and machine, but talking to the engineers and the drivers really brought it home just how entrenched this is, starting with the sheer volume of data that is generated by the cars over the course of a racing weekend.

The two-hour race is the culmination of the considerable effort that starts days prior at the Northampton factory. From the drivers to engineers and everyone in between, each and every team member works toward achieving their ultimate performance and what ties all these efforts together is data. It is then that the complex analytics enables all parts of the human machine to quickly identify where performance and time improvements can be made. In short, data is the key to F1 victory.

With countless variables, such as track temperature and wind speed, context is constantly changing during qualification and races. The team has to seize short-lived opportunities and quickly adapt race strategy by augmenting their perspective to identify and act on known and unknown patterns. Streaming analytics is the best way to do this through its ability to capture the large volumes of data produced by the car’s sensors. By comparing it to the context—consider again the weather or opponent track position—data helps the team to make the best decision, when it matters most.

It is TIBCO technology that will be pulling hundreds of gigabytes of data from the more than 200 sensors installed in every vehicle as well as additional software and field equipment ready to collate and transform data into meaningful and actionable intelligence.

For instance, with 11 sensors in just one tire, each one will have a story to tell on the inner working of these cars, further bolstered by the thermodynamic cameras installed on the front wing which reveal real-time images of tyre deterioration during the race. Thanks to this information, both the race team’s performance can be dissected to glean insight to inform future design improvements. With both championship leader Sebastian Vettel and his Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen both experiencing tire failures in the closing laps at Silverstone, such data from tire sensors could have been absolutely critical to the race result.

And, as we know, data value isn’t just about what is happening right now. Historical insight remains a font of knowledge enabling us to build models and use them to identify patterns on streaming data for predictive and operational insight. When this is blended with real time information, it becomes a powerful proposition.

With Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport accumulating 20 years of historical data to work with, the team are particularly excited to extrapolate some past findings to see how it can help to inform present decisions. It seems then like we’re on track for an exciting season.

Check out the TIBCO Insight Platform at work this weekend during the Hungarian Grand Prix. Follow along with the action across social media using #HungarianGP. Best of luck to Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, and the entire Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team!

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Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

With the release of Dynamics 365, comes a very useful app that is free to download into CRM for Dynamics 365 only. This feature is called Organization Insights. It provides an abundance of useful information for system administrators. This information is normally found by searching through CRM or requesting it from Microsoft directly.

Organization Insights gives users the ability to see useful technical information related to their CRM instance. When users first open Organization Insights, the first page they will see is the dashboard. This displays all the pertinent information for their CRM instance. Users can customize this page so they can choose what information they want to show up first. An example of this is below. Having this information available on the front page instead of having to drill into or search for it will save users time in monitoring their CRM instance.

pic2 1024x435 Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

There are also various tabs that allow you to dig deeper into each metric. Under the Active Usage tab, you can see which users are the most active. It also displays the most used entities and is broken down into how many users are creating, reading, updating and deleting records. The most commonly used entities are also shown here. This can come in handy for scheduling maintenance and deploying new solutions into CRM.

pic3 1024x514 Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

The next tab is one that is very useful to system administrators. This is the system job tab. Displayed here is the success rate for all jobs, total executions, most active workflows and system jobs running per hour. This makes it very easy to troubleshoot issues with workflows.  The workflows with the most failures will show up here.

pic4 1024x458 Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

The following tab is the Plug in Tab. This tab displays plugin success rates and failures. This helps to see that everything is performing properly and will show if there were any issues with the plugins. This is a great view for development/support resources to pinpoint any issues that are happening behind the scenes in CRM. It shows exactly what plug ins are causing the problems.

pic5 1024x493 Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

The next tab is the one I have found to be very useful since this contains information administrators could not directly access before. This app now gives us the ability to see the top tables and download all this information ourselves without support from Microsoft. We now have instant access to this information and can identify issues ourselves. Administrators can now actively monitor how the storage is being used for their CRM instance.

pic6 1024x503 Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

The last tab we have is for API Calls Statistics. This shows the success rates and which ones are failing the most. This gives administrators the ability to quickly assess and troubleshoot issues in their CRM instance.

pic7 1024x470 Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

As you can see, this tool is very useful. This is going to be great for troubleshooting and diagnosing CRM issues. It will also help with monitoring everyday usage of CRM for an organization.

Beringer Technology Group, a leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM for Distribution. We also provide expert Managed IT ServicesBackup and Disaster RecoveryCloud Based Computing and Unified Communication Systems.

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Kinetica raises $50 million to provide GPU-powered data insights

 Kinetica raises $50 million to provide GPU powered data insights

Kinetica, which provides businesses and organizations with real-time data analytics, today announced funding of $ 50 million in a series A round, co-led by Canvas Ventures and Meritech Capital Partners. Existing investor GreatPoint Ventures also participated.

The software, which is powered by a graphics processing unit, allows businesses to analyze large feeds of data faster, using machine learning, BI analytics, and visualization. It can be installed on premises or run in the cloud with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Kinetica charges a yearly subscription based on usage. The San Francisco, California-based startup claims to have several licensed customers in production, including the U.S. Army, the National Security Agency (NSA), PG&E, GlaxoSmithKline, and IronNet Cybersecurity. Use cases range from genomics research to real-time drilling analytics and counterterrorism.

The startup initially developed the product for governmental organizations. In 2009, cofounders Amit Vij and Nima Negahban were hired by the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command and the NSA to create a system to track and capture terrorists in real time.

Other players in the GPU database sphere include SQream, BlazingDB, and MapD Technologies, the last of which recently closed a funding round.

Kinetica will use the fresh capital to hire more people and open new offices — the startup told VentureBeat that it has just opened a new office in Singapore. Founded in 2009, Kinetica has raised a total of $ 63 million and currently has 75 employees.

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Congratulations to the Data Insights Summit Analytics Challenge winners!

Last month we celebrated the Microsoft Data Insights Summit with a Data Analytics Challenge, and as usual we were highly impressed with all the submissions!

We asked for entries in three different categories: Complex Data Preparation, Advanced Analytics, and Just for Fun. Entries were judged on the following criteria:

  • Data Prep: How well you tackle the data prep challenges associated with the dataset
  • Insightfulness: How well you answer the analysis topic, and what insights you uncovered
  • Data visualization and storytelling: How well you create a report and visuals to explain your insights
  • Creativity: What you do to surprise us, for example mash together an interesting additional dataset, or use a clever presentation trick

Take a look at the great videos and insights uncovered by the three winning submissions.

Complex Data Preparation

Congratulations to Rishi Sapra and the Altius team! Rishi’s submission featured two videos: one narrating insights, and one outlining their approach to the challenge. See the report.

Advanced Analytics

Congratulations to Scott Ferguson! See the report.

Just for Fun

Congratulations to Kane O’Donnell at Aware Group! They trained a recurrent neural net on script data from television show “The Simpsons”, so that they could generate ‘new’ script lines for each character. We’ve embedded the cool report below:

All of the winners will receive a Super Prize Pack and free pass to the 2018 Data Insights Summit. We very much enjoyed everyone’s submission, and they all will be receiving credit for the Microsoft store. Thanks again to everyone who entered, and see you next year!

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