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Join us for Happy Hour!

hh min 300x225 Join us for Happy Hour!

As our team expands, we’d like to meet our neighbors! Join us for a networking happy hour at our headquarters in Minneapolis to get to know our team, enjoy pizza and drinks, and learn what sets PowerObjects apart.

Event Details:
Thursday, June 15
5:30-8:30 pm
718 Washington Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401


Learn what it’s like to be partners with PowerObjects:

Learn about PowerObjects’ unique company culture:

We hope to see you there!

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PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM

Join us! Driving Omnichannel Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365

personal vs 300x225 Join us! Driving Omnichannel Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Today’s customers expect a seamless and consistent experience across the growing number of channels they are using to interact with companies. What we are seeing in the marketplace, is that although organizations promote that they support a multi-channel or omnichannel service model, in reality, very few actually do and most have siloed business units that handle each channel so that data does not pass between them. To customers, this is not acceptable, and they will leave to find an organization that will support them in the way they want.

To stay on top of providing true omnichannel service, you need to prioritize the adoption and mastery of new and emerging channels and refine your existing ones. In order to accomplish this goal, your company needs the right tools.

Join PowerObjects, and CaféX, a leading provider of real-time communications software that transforms digital engagement, on June 21 to hear what’s driving the demand for omnichannel engagement. Learn about a new, integrated solution that provides your customers with immediate personalized support while improving your staff’s productivity and leveraging your investments.

With CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can create omnichannel customer experiences with in-app support via chat, co-browse, document share and more. Hosted in the Azure cloud, and co-developed with Microsoft, this solution embeds real-time customer interaction channels within Unified Service Desk and web clients for Dynamics 365.

During our webinar you will:

  • Learn how CRM can help support an omnichannel approach, and deliver proactive, predictive, and repeatable interactions with your customers
  • See Microsoft’s preferred omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365 in action
  • Learn how to engage your customers proactively and resolve customer issues faster
  • Hear how PowerObjects, an HCL Company and CafeX can help you deliver high performance omnichannel experiences to your customers

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn how you can empower your organization to deliver true omnichannel engagement. Register Now!

If you can’t make the webinar, you can still register and we’ll send the recording. Hope to see you there!

Happy CRM’ing!

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PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM

Join Alberto Cairo at the Microsoft Data Insights Summit to Explore the Different Dimensions of Data Visualization

Known for his award-winning global achievements in infographics and multimedia as a professor, author, journalist and designer, we are excited to welcome data visualization expert Alberto Cairo back to the Microsoft Data Insights Summit, taking place June 12-13, 2017 in Seattle. This year Alberto will provide a special guest keynote focused on the different dimensions of data visualization and how to entice your audience to engage with your information.

AlbertoPhoto Join Alberto Cairo at the Microsoft Data Insights Summit to Explore the Different Dimensions of Data Visualization

Alberto serves as the Knight Chair in Visual Journalismat the School of Communication at the University of Miami (UM) and author of The Functional Art: an Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization (2012), andThe Truthful Art: Data, Charts, and Maps for Communication (2016). With more than 15 years of experience in news organizations, as a journalist, designer, and team manager and praised for his ability to explain in clear terms how to work with data, discover the stories hidden within and share those stories with the world, Alberto transforms elementary principles of data and scientific reasoning into tools that can be used in daily life.

At the Data Insights Summit, Alberto will enlighten attendees on how data visualization can be used to explore data, communicate results and engage people with compelling information. In addition to discussing the three dimensions of exploration, presentation and engagement, Alberto’s keynote will provide takeaways for how you can let your audience interact with data and grow their interest in your story.

If you want to learn more about the different dimensions of data visualization and how to captivate your audience when telling a data story, register to attend the Data Insights Summit. The conference will be filled with technical content, hands-on workshops, and a great lineup of speakers. Plus, attendees can meet 1:1 with the experts behind Microsoft’s data insights tools and solutions, including Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server BI, Excel, PowerApps, and Flow.

Additionally, you can get a sample of Alberto’s teachings in action with his Power BI Data Storytelling and Visualization Courses. We look forward to Alberto’s keynote and hope you’ll join us at the Data Insights Summit!

Register today!

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Analysis Services Team Blog

Join the Ask a Partner Anything live event today!

We’re celebrating the launch of the Video Gallery with our first Ask a Partner Anything Event, featuring Critical Path CEO and video instructor Ted Pattison. Ted has authored an hour-long video on Developing Custom Visuals for Power BI, now available in the Video Gallery.

Over the last week you’ve watched his video, and now it’s time to join Ted in the community today, Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT, for a live Q&A event! This is your opportunity to ask questions and share feedback directly with Ted and learn from his extensive history with custom visual development, Power BI, and training.

Join us in the the Q&A forum at 11 a.m. PT for this live event, and don’t forget to Kudo Ted’s video by end of day today for a chance to win an official Power BI t-shirt.

Critical%20Path%20Event%20Social%20Graphic Join the Ask a Partner Anything live event today!

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Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

The CRM Minute: In Case You Missed it – Join Genya to Learn about Microsoft PowerApps

CRM Min PowerApps Still 800x600 1 300x225 The CRM Minute: In Case You Missed it – Join Genya to Learn about Microsoft PowerApps

If you haven’t had the chance to hear PowerObjects’ Genya talk about Microsoft PowerApps, you’re missing out! But don’t worry – today’s your chance to make it happen! PowerApps is Microsoft’s brand new service for creating custom business apps that connect to your data WITHOUT the need for custom software development – hooray! PowerApps connects to Dynamics 365, OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Excel, Google Drive, and Dropbox, to automatically generate meaningful business apps for your business. You can instantly publish apps via web and mobile including laptops, tablets, and phones (Android, iOS, and Windows). It also allows you to work in a visual designer to customize a fully-functional app and build apps that use device capabilities including cameras, GPS, and pen control. Join Genya in today’s CRM Minute to learn more!

Want more? Watch Genya in this PO TV Webcast, where he dives into PowerApps in more detail and demonstrates how it all comes together.

We hope you enjoyed learning about PowerObjects and as always, thanks for watching, The CRM Minute!

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PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM

Luke James, Aisha Hinds, And Letoya Luckett Join Cast Of USA Networks New TUPAC/BIGGIE Pilot

 Luke James, Aisha Hinds, And Letoya Luckett Join Cast Of USA Networks New TUPAC/BIGGIE Pilot

Luke James, Aisha Hinds and LeToya Luckett have joined the previously cast Marcc Rose (as Tupac) and Wavyy Jonez (who will play Biggie Smalls) in USA Network’s scripted true crime potential anthology series “Unsolved” which will be based on the murder investigations of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

The series is based on the experiences of former LAPD Detective Greg Kading, who led multiple law-enforcement task forces investigating the murders.

“The People. v. O.J. Simpson’s” Anthony Hemingway is set to direct the pilot, and will serve as an executive producer, alongside Mark Taylor and Kyle Long, who is penning the script.

Luke James will play Sean “Puffy” Combs; Aisha Hinds will be Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s mother; and LeToya Luckett will play Sharitha Golden, the estranged wife of Death Row records CEO Suge Knight.

The cast also includes Bokeem Woodbine, Josh Duhamel and Jimmi Simpson – all 3 playing playing the detectives who were integral in the cases surrounding the highly-publicized murders.

It’s one of at least 2 projects in the works (that we are aware of) on the Tupac/Biggie murders; the other is the feature film “LAbryinth” which will also tackle the 1990’s investigation into the unsolved murders, unfolding through the eyes of the Los Angeles detective – Russell Poole – who was in charge of the inquiry; Johnny Depp is attached to star, with Forest Whitaker also on board.

HBO’s Issa Rae Lands Role In New Film Titled ‘EMPRESS OF SERENITY’!

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The Humor Mill

OpenMethods, Next Caller Join to Streamline Call Routing

OpenMethods, which offers an omnichannel optimization platform that lets companies integrate their telephony platforms into Oracle CRM, on Tuesday announced integration with
Next Caller’s Advanced Caller ID database.

contact center OpenMethods, Next Caller Join to Streamline Call Routing

The integration will let contact centers on the Oracle Service Cloud use real-time contextual data for more than 500 million landline, mobile and VoIP numbers to personalize and simplify their agent and customer interactions.

OpenMethods integrates interactive voice response and telephony data into the CRM package call center agents use, saving customers from repeating who they are and why they’ve called, which can take about 30 seconds.

However, many calls are from prospects or customers who don’t have data in the CRM, noted OpenMethods CEO Gerrit Lydecker.

“In these cases, Next Caller helps identify these prospects and customers utilizing their databases and tools,” he told CRM Buyer.

The integration “will help decrease overall time-to-resolution and improve the customer service experience,” said Cindy Zhou, a principal analyst at Constellation Research.

“The value is in the [Next Caller] data and the ability to augment customer records in the CRM for richer analytics and correlation of services data to sales opportunities,” she told CRM Buyer.

What the Integration Entails

Typically, a call comes into a contact center through the interactive voice response system. Customers input their account information and the reason for their call, which then is routed to an agent, who often uses a CRM package, OpenMethods’ Lydecker said.

“The IVR and telephony data doesn’t get passed through, leaving the agent to once again ask for the customer’s account information and why they called,” he said, but OpenMethods integrates the IVR and telephony data into the CRM, saving customers about 30 seconds.

The integration lets contact centers on Oracle CRM use OpenMethods’ PopFlow Studio to quickly integrate Next Caller’s data and tools into the CRM package to repopulate data from the caller, automate workflows, and pop up the appropriate screens, said Lydecker.

Deploying the integrated solution in production takes a few weeks, but some OpenMethods customers “realize an ROI immediately,” he added.

Call center agents are trained to handle data from their existing CRM. There’s no learning curve required for agents to manage data that comes from Next Caller, Lydecker pointed out.

Oracle CRM customers are likely to benefit tremendously, suggested Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research.

Oracle “has an extensive base from its acquisition of Siebel,” he told CRM Buyer.”These are the toughest and gnarliest use cases of CRM in the contact center.”

Possible Privacy Issue

Contextual information provided by Next Caller’s Advanced Caller ID includes a caller’s name, address, income, demographic breakdown, fraud potential and social profile.

That may raise questions about privacy, long a bone of contention for digital marketers. The issue has gained importance in the wake of the EU’s
scrapping of the U.S. Safe Harbor agreement in 2015.

“The information Next Caller provides is already publicly available,” noted Jeff Kirchick, the company’s VP of enterprise sales.

“Next Caller aggregates this data in real time using an algorithm that accounts for the veracity of different sources,” he told CRM Buyer.

However, data sets like Next Caller’s Advanced Caller ID database “are pulled together from all manner of sources unrelated to identification and authentication,” said Steve Wilson, a principal analyst at Constellation Research.

“It’s highly unlikely that individuals ever had a chance to consent in any meaningful way to having their information surface in different call centers,” he told CRM Buyer.

The data does raise privacy concerns, said Michael Jude, a program manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan.

However, “it’s hard to argue that a person can disclose his life history on a social site,” he told CRM Buyer, and “then is allowed to contest its use.”
end enn OpenMethods, Next Caller Join to Streamline Call Routing

Richard%20Adhikari OpenMethods, Next Caller Join to Streamline Call RoutingRichard Adhikari has been an ECT News Network reporter since 2008. His areas of focus include cybersecurity, mobile technologies, CRM, databases, software development, mainframe and mid-range computing, and application development. He has written and edited for numerous publications, including Information Week and Computerworld. He is the author of two books on client/server technology.
Email Richard.

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CRM Buyer

Join Our Team TODAY

image Join Our Team TODAY

Folks, we needed every cliche in the book today – and then a few that aren’t in the book.  Demand for our services has exploded, and that means we need YOU, yes YOU, more than ever.

The Microsoft data platform has Power Pivot and Power BI.  Other vendors’ platforms…  don’t.  And the world is REALLY starting to understand that to be a very big deal.

For example, as I was writing this, on a Sunday, one of my neighbors (who I talk to about once every six months) pinged me on Facebook and asked if we could help his CFO with Power BI.  Fish are jumping into the boat – even when the boat is docked at the marina.  (I’m really on a roll with the cliches today.)

If you answered yes to either of those questions, it’s time to open a conversation with us.  See that new link in the header bar?  It went up last week, and some people have indeed been finding it, but please consider this my personal invitation to you…  to click it.

image 1 Join Our Team TODAY


There’s an excellent chance that we have the BEST JOBS IN DATA.  Not kidding – our newest hire keeps telling me “I can’t believe I am getting paid to do this.”

And I get it!  At PowerPivotPro…

  • You never get stuck doing the same thing for months (or even weeks) on end.  A variety of exciting new challenges keeps the mind engaged, and that’s every single day for us.
  • The clients are AMAZING.  Almost by definition, we are only working with the nimble organizations, the ones that are willing to embrace a new and better way.  I tell people all the time that I have a “positively-skewed view of humanity” because of our clients. 
  • The clients LOVE you.  We’re taking away their pain, giving them amazing results and capabilities, and doing it without stealing their wallet.  They want to hug their consultant, which is atypical in the consulting industry – particularly in the BI and analytics industries.
  • You are ALWAYS learning.  That same variety of challenges sharpens the brain as a side effect, but you also get access to the rest of our team – on Slack, Skype, and at company events like the MDIS conference in Seattle in June – and we are always bouncing questions off of each other, sharing nifty solutions, etc.
  • Your commute involves a hallway or two, maybe a set of stairs.  On the average day at PowerPivotPro, you are working from your home.  There’s no office to drive to, no rush hours to fight, no expensive and laborious business attire to maintain.  And the workday has quite a bit of flex in it, so if you need to take your kids to school or run an errand or two, you don’t have to sneak out or deal with raised eyebrows.  Yes, we DO travel to clients, too, but…
  • You pick up incentive bonuses for onsite client work.  You should plan to travel at least once per month, and typically, that’s a 2-day client engagement.  But if you travel more than 2 days per month, we offer an aggressive bonus ladder – think of it as real-time profit-sharing.  And we’re not talking chump change here – if you were so bold as to max these out, it’s an additional six figures per year (no, not a typo).

image 2 Join Our Team TODAY

image thumb Join Our Team TODAYThe other day, I was on our weekly web meeting with our leadership team, listening to everyone’s updates, when I interrupted and said “folks, I would NOT want to compete against THIS crew.”  And I meant it.  If you’re reading this, and you run a company that operates on the Old Way of BI, we’ve assembled a crew that is going to make your life very difficult in the coming years.  Good-naturedly, of course, and for the betterment of humanity, but yeah, we’re coming wlEmoticon smile Join Our Team TODAY

The idea for this company struck me all the way back in early 2010 – back when all I had was a blogging website hosted on WordPress.com.  It’s been a long road to make it a reality – one paved with the usual difficulties for sure, but also with the assistance of some amazing people.

Seven years later, it’s a full-fledged reality:  An executive leadership team that warranted our first-ever planning retreat in Vegas this January.  Real health insurance.  A culture that has grown beyond my tight control – a living thing that makes me feel proud rather than wistful.  Those antiquated workplace posters of yesteryear that must be displayed prominently in the workplace (so we posted it to Slack).  Monthly company meetings (virtual).  Annual company meetings (in person, we do them at MDIS).  Revenues in 7 figures.  And ambitious plans to add that 8th figure, of course.

Of course it is! We can’t be a nationwide team of data ninjas if we’re not, you know…  ninjas.

But how good is good enough?  It’s very hard to tell, right?  I get it.  So here’s a quick little “thermometer” you can use to get a slightly clearer sense…

Let’s say we have a DAX measure:

[Max Date]:= MAX(DatesTable[Date])

If, in another measure, I then use it the following way:

FILTER(ALL(DatesTable), DatesTable[Date]<=[Max Date])

But then, I try this instead:

FILTER(ALL(DatesTable), DatesTable[Date]<=MAX(DatesTable[Date]))

And they DON’T give me the same results, which is really weird right??

Off the top of your head, if you “get” this, and know why the two behave differently, I encourage you to apply.

If you don’t know why off the top of your head, you’re not likely to perform well on our interview yet – circle back with us when you ARE ready, because even I was in your shoes not too long ago!

Historically, about 80% of our applicants have been men.  Does that surprise you?  “Oh sure, no surprise,” you say.  “It’s a tech field, blah blah blah…”

WRONG.  The disproportionately-male demographics of the “tech” industry don’t remotely hold true in the world of data – at least not in our experience.  Quite the opposite actually.

The classes we teach are often more than 50% female, and a woman is the brightest student in each class at the same rate.  I love that, because it DOES fly in the face of the tech industry’s demographics.  I have theories about why “data” seems to cut across gender lines much more evenly than, say, Java programming does, and the short version is this:  when it comes to tech, on average, women may just have more sense than men.  “Tech for tech’s sake” is, in my opinion, a fool’s errand, and if my theory is correct, it’s a credit to women that they don’t fall for it.  Why and when did we ever decide that something as meaningless as Java programming should be held in high regard?  Why are we constantly trying to encourage women to follow the men down that silly rathole?  Maybe women have had it right all along.

It’s an admittedly optimistic theory, because the hostility that women encounter in the software industry is quite real, as is the discouragement they receive in school.  I have zero desire to downplay or whitewash that reality.  Whatever the reasons, I’m glad that it seems to be different in analytics.

A PivotTable, as one contrast to the pursuit of generic “programming,” answers a question.  It tells a story.  It saves tremendous amounts of time and manual labor.  It has tangible value – a human purpose, and we want to be around people who are drawn to THAT, whether male or female.  And in our experience, women are at least as clued in as men on this front.  Slightly more so, actually.

So ladies…  let’s hear from you.

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We’re Headed to Texas – Join us for Happy Hour!

Frisco 350x250 300x214 We’re Headed to Texas – Join us for Happy Hour!

PowerObjects’ Dallas office is growing and we’d like to meet more of our neighbors! If you live in the Dallas area, join us at Last Chance Grill for a casual meet and greet to get to know our team and learn what sets PowerObjects apart.

Event details:

What: A Networking Happy Hour – drinks and appetizers are on us!
When: Thursday, March 2 from 5:30-7:30pm
Where: Last Chance Grill, Frisco Bridges North, 3685 Preston Rd #185, Frisco, TX 75034

Let us know if you’ll be there: RSVP Now

See what it’s like to be partners with the  PowerObjects team:
partner 1 1024x559 We’re Headed to Texas – Join us for Happy Hour!

Hear about our unique company culture from PowerObjects team members:
team 1024x562 We’re Headed to Texas – Join us for Happy Hour!

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PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM

Join Us for Happy Hour at the Microsoft Technology Center in Philadelphia!

values 300x225 Join Us for Happy Hour at the Microsoft Technology Center in Philadelphia!

Do you have consulting experience as a CRM Trainer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, or Data Analyst/Specialist? Are you passionate about delivering CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365? Do you want to be part of an award-winning team who proudly appears on multiple “best places to work” lists, year after year? If so, we want to meet you! Join us in Philadelphia on February 9th for a PowerObjects Happy Hour Networking Event!

This happy-hour-style meet and greet will give us an opportunity to show you what we truly mean when we talk about our Core Values and Proven Process. It will also give you a change to “talk shop” with PowerObjects team members and learn how you might be able to jump in and become part of our unique and high energy team. As an HCL Company and Microsoft Gold Partner, we think you’ll be excited by our vision and abundant growth opportunities.

We are in need of the following skills:

CRM Training Consultants: The primary responsibility of this role is to provide consulting on change management within the context of large scale deployment of CRM. This role will also execute on development of training materials and training client trainers.

Project Managers: Are you able to drive a team of professionals toward a vision and manage the resources, budget, scope, and timeline of mid to large sized projects? Have you managed IT projects in the consulting space? Are you familiar with what it means to work on an “enterprise” project? Are you able to communicate across teams to manage expectations, workloads, and scope?

Business Analysts: Our BAs are the key to eliciting the business needs and problems of our clients; and they are central to translating that business need to our technical resources to create a vision for our clients. Can you drive meetings around the CRM subject areas? Can you facilitate and lead requirement meetings with large groups of client SMEs and business stakeholders? Are you able to architect and document business requirements in a way that is translatable to technical teams? Are you able to focus on the business yet keep solutions churning in the back of your head?

Data Analysts: Our Data Center of Excellence within PowerObjects drives our capabilities with data integration and migrations. We are in need of building this team with technical data analysts and specialists that thrive on using ETL tools to migrate and integrate CRM data within Dynamics 365. Are you familiar with data modeling, mapping, and analysis? Are you able to understand a CRM data model and design and build an approach and solutions to move data in/out of it? Do you thrive on helping clients make the most of their data to improve services to their clients and their sales organization?

CRM Specialists: The CRM landscape for Dynamics 365 is rapidly growing into broader and more complex solutions like Field Services, Project Services, Unified Service Desk, CRM Portals, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise-Ready Platform solutions to extend the system. If you have deep experience or knowledge in these specialty spaces, we at PowerObjects would love to add your expertise to our team.

Click here for more information and to RSVP!

Happy CRM’ing!

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PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM