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Power BI Service and Mobile April Feature Summary

April turned out to be exciting month for the Power BI team. Mostly because we got to meet many of you, our awesome community members, at the Data & BI Summit in Dublin. Huge thank you for those who came. For those who couldn’t make it, not to worry, the Microsoft Business Applications Summit is just around the corner. We hope to see you there!

There were also a couple of features and announcements we made last month. Here’s a quick recap:

The European privacy law, GDPR, takes into effect starting this month (May 2018). To help you understand what this means for your organization and how it relates to Power BI, we released the Power BI GDPR Whitepaper. This paper provides high-level guidance on the different options you have in configuring Power BI to meet the requirements of this law across your organization. Download it for free: Microsoft Power BI Whitepaper.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve simplified the process for turning on audit logs to track activities for your Power BI service tenant.  Previously, we required you to go to your admin portal in the service and turn these on (in addition to turning on the functionality in the Office 365 Admin Center). Now, you can simply enable it in your Office 365 tenant and Power BI activities will show up without any configurations. Lastly, customers in sovereign cloud tenants also have auditing available in their environments. You can read more about Power BI audit logs in the public documentation.

We rolled out a new, exciting update for the Power BI On-premises data gateway for the month of April. The update includes a public preview of the custom data connectors support in personal gateways, single sign-on (SSO) support for SAP Business Warehouse Server (BW) using Kerberos, and an updated mashup engine. Try it out for yourself by installing the new gateway or learn more about the new capabilities here.

ddb1f6b4 182e 45f8 ac83 bacf46e05439 Power BI Service and Mobile April Feature Summary

You can now analyze your data and get more insights on the go by using the drill down and drill up feature on Power BI Mobile! Simply tap on a data point on a report visual to bring up the new tooltip, and if the drill options are available, look for the up and down arrows at the bottom of the tooltip box. Tapping on the down arrow will bring you to the next level in the hierarchy related to that data point. It’s that easy – try it out for yourself. Learn more

Want to see the new Power BI Mixed Reality app in action? Check out this demo video we’ve prepared just for you:

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Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client

When a non-admin user tries to access Dynamics 365 through mobile client, by default they have no apps to select. They are shown a message on the home screen which reads: “We can’t find any apps for your role. To check for recently-added apps, select Refresh”.

image thumb Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client

In previous version of Dynamics 365, if a user had necessary privileges to access the mobile client, they wouldn’t see such a message and would be able to use the Dynamics 365 app without issues. However, with version 9 update, the mobile client now uses the Unified Interface. The default Unified Interface app is called CRM Hub, and by default no security roles are assigned to this business app. Only those users can use this business app who have System Administrator security role.


To solve this issue, all we need to do is assign the security roles to CRM Hub app. Another option is to create a custom unified interface business app and assign security roles to that one. Following are the steps to assign security roles to a business app.

  1. In Dynamics 365, go to Settings and then select My Apps.

    image thumb 1 Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client
  2. On CRM Hub business app, click on more options icon, and then Manage Roles.

    image thumb 2 Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client
  3. Select the security roles and then save the changes. In this case I selected Sales Manager and Salesperson.

    image thumb 3 Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client
  4. Once the changes have been made, the user needs to reconfigure the app.

    image thumb 4 Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client

That’s all there is to it. Be sure to check that users have the right security roles so that they can access the mobile client, as well as CRM Hub app. Following screenshot shows what the screen looked like for the same user after the changes were made to the business app.

image thumb 5 Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client

By selecting the app, they were able to use Dynamics 365 as usual.

image thumb 6 Can't Find Any Apps Error on Dynamics 365 v9 Mobile Client

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Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile apps

You asked, and we built it! Now in Power BI Mobile app you can continue to analyze your data and gain even more insights by using drill down and drill up in your report’s visuals.

New tooltip experience

To enable drill down and up, we rebuilt and improved our tooltip experience, and built into it the infrastructure for drill down/up. The new tooltip is screen wide, and allows scrubbing, so you can drag your finger across the visual to explore details about each data point along the way more easily.  

15cc25d3 20e6 44ef a160 edf48975146b Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile apps41f88b2f 247f 4520 8a00 aa56c48cf550 Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile apps

Drill Down & Up in Mobile

The new tooltips paved the way for on data point interactions, the first is drill up/down, which we know you were waiting for quite some time.

Power BI reports allow multiple hierarchies of data to allow maximum insight. Using drill up/down on your data point you can explore more details about your data making it more useful – even on the small form factor of the phone. And now you can use the drill down/up capability just by tapping on a data point in a report visual to show the tooltip and if drill options are available, then you will see the down and up arrows in the bottom of the tooltip box. Tapping on the down arrow, will bring you the next level in the hierarchy related to the selected data point.

b808e117 dcdf 474e 93de 68f8fe804605 Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile appsd210ca3e 511e 4f0e bd6b 382dc364676f Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile apps

“Show next level” and “Expand to next level” are still available for report visual under “Expand to focus mode” > “Explore”:

55432861 5f29 4ee0 bdfd df784d2949ed Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile apps

Remember, to enjoy all these drill options in the app, drill needs to be defined when you build your report in Power BI Desktop or in the web. Follow this link for additional information on how to enable drill down for in report.

Next in our backlog is Drill Through. Stay tuned.

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Power BI Service and Mobile March Feature Summary

March turned out to be another exciting and busy month for Power BI. We rolled out some highly anticipated features in the service and continued to make progress with many more that are set to release soon. Worried you missed something? Fear not! Here’s a recap of all the features and announcements we made last month:

We’ve now made it incredibly easier for report consumers to pick up right where left off in the Power BI service and mobile. All Power BI reports will now automatically retain the filters, slicers, and other data view changes made by the user. In the service, you will now see a new “Reset to default” button with a yellow icon in the top bar. This will light up whenever you make any changes to the report from the published version. The report state is captured after 60 seconds or immediately when you navigate away to another dashboard or report. Of course, you can use this button to revert to the published view at anytime. Note: Reports with custom visuals are not supported – for now. We are working with custom visual developers to enable these soon. Learn more

50c4fd95 48fb 42fb 8834 b15a958056ed Power BI Service and Mobile March Feature Summary

Since the release of the organization visuals preview last month, we’ve fixed many bugs and made improvements across the board. Admins can now update the package and its details (i.e. versions, etc.) for existing published custom visuals. Also, organization visuals are now supported in Publish to Web reports. We were so excited by these changes that organization visuals were made generally available, so you’ll also be able to import them directly from the service. Learn more

30551aea aec6 4dac a71b 8e648f2bac01 Power BI Service and Mobile March Feature Summary

At Power BI, we understand that organizations have a diverse set of compliance and regulatory requirements that need to be met concerning their data security and privacy. To add to our repertoire of 22 certifications and attestations and provide you with the reassurance, this month we announced that Power BI has now been certified under the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) 8.1 certification criteria. Learn more

We teamed up with Microsoft Hololens to release a preview of the Power BI for Mixed Reality app. This app makes it easy to access your Power BI content while using HoloLens, allowing you to view and interact with report pages and dashboards on top of your real-world environment. Check it for yourself by downloading the app from the Microsoft Store or learn more from the announcement post.

04a7ed27 99cc 4c60 b0c5 625d322f6643 Power BI Service and Mobile March Feature Summary

As always, we rolled out a new update for the Power BI On-premises data gateway for the month of March. The update includes a latest version of the mashup engine and an update to make it easier for you to determine the release month of the installed gateway right next to the version. Try it out for yourself by installing the new gateway and continue to send us feedback on any new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.

6871a641 783b 4f84 87b8 937617c90fce Power BI Service and Mobile March Feature Summary

Power BI mobile now supports your favorite B2B feature! That’s right – you can now share dashboards and reports with users external to the organization, on the go. External sharing in enabled for both organizational and social accounts.

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What You Need to Know About Tracing Transactions From Mobile to Mainframe

Having visibility of key, up-to-date metrics from the elements within a system is incredibly valuable, but difficult to achieve without the right tooling. Syncsort’s new eBook, “What You Need to Know About Tracing Transactions From Mobile to Mainframe,” takes a look at which tools best prepare you in the case of an emergency.

What You Need to Know About Tracing Transactions From Mobile to Mainframe banner What You Need to Know About Tracing Transactions From Mobile to Mainframe

The situation in which a system goes down can be detrimental to an organization and the damage can vary greatly by how quick the downtime is resolved. With transaction tracing, the issue can be narrowed down quickly and a fix can be efficiently put into place.

Download the eBook now and find out more!

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Easily Capture Media from the Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet Apps

If you are a salesperson who is out in the field with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet App, you can easily capture video, photos and audio in your Dynamics 365 system using the on-device camera and microphone.

image thumb Easily Capture Media from the Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet Apps

This blog explains how you can easily capture video, photos, and audio by creating a Note for specific record types in Dynamics 365.

  1. From the Home page, click on Ellipsis button on the bottom left corner and select Settings.
  2. Tap on Mobile Settings and turn on the “Camera” and “User content and location” and Click OK to save changes.
  3. Once this is done, you can use the Photo, Microphone, Video, or Attachment buttons to add your media files to CRM.

image thumb 1 Easily Capture Media from the Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet Apps

image thumb 2 Easily Capture Media from the Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet Apps

image thumb 3 Easily Capture Media from the Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet Apps

Please note that the storage limit for CRM online is 10GB and the maximum file size for attachments is 128 MB. You may want to consider extracting attachments from CRM and storing them in SharePoint so you don’t exceed the maximum storage limits.

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Spotfire 7.12 is GA with Improved Export, Customization, In-line Editing, Mobile Features, and More

TIBCO Spotfire® 7.12 is now generally available and addresses your requests for improved features in exporting reports, visualization, data wrangling, mobile support, and more. These enhancements make collaboration, self-service data prep, and visual analysis easier than ever.

This release not only includes features for more beautiful, professional reports, but also greatly improved export to PDF capabilities. We made it easier to export in the same format you see on the screen, with same visual theme of the analysis, automated if you like. Now your reports will really reflect the creative genius in your visualizations.

Spotfire 1 250x150 Spotfire 7.12 is GA with Improved Export, Customization, In line Editing, Mobile Features, and More

Export visual theme to PDF</dd>

Spotfire 2 250x135 Spotfire 7.12 is GA with Improved Export, Customization, In line Editing, Mobile Features, and More

Prepared report overview

The reports that business authors and analysts create can now include multiple DXP screens, dynamic header and footers, repeating visualizations, and more. Users can export to PDF directly from a dashboard or via email through Spotfire Automation Services.

Also helping you create better looking dashboards is the ability to better control the layout of your visualizations and avoid scrollbars by adjusting the height and width of selected text areas and visualizations.

Improvements in visual analytics also include better mobile support for tablets and other smaller screens via two-finger scroll as well as the ability to maximize and restore visualizations. This is handy on both mobile and desktop screens so you can easily focus on visualizations in a dashboard without losing context.

Our new data wrangling features are a continuation of our “edit everything” theme, because you should be able to do just that, all inline. This effort has resulted in best-in-class, in-line data wrangling capabilities such as inline data cleansing, recommendations for adding rows, and the much appreciated column split wizard.

No matter how you wrangle your data, Spotfire records everything you do in the Source View. Already starting to be emulated by others, the Source View is your access point to go back and edit everything, saving you time when authoring something new and when maintaining analysis files over time.

The Source View API allows you to build smart applications that include data wrangling control. It also allows you to share your wrangling steps with others and to automate.

Our last release delivered the ability to replace and easily transform data sources and preview the results, a huge time saver especially when working with many transformations and unions. Now with 7.12, you can even more quickly and intuitively edit data sources in the source view. You can also remove individual data sources completely. Smart movements in data transformations occur when you remove the sources, so now you just need to review.

Spotfire 3 250x197 Spotfire 7.12 is GA with Improved Export, Customization, In line Editing, Mobile Features, and More

Source view – Show added columns

For better data access, Spotfire now supports stored procedures/macros for Teradata as well as temporary views in Apache Spark SQL.

Spotfire 7.12 is available now for current on premises customers through eDelivery. TIBCO Cloud Spotfire will be updated with new functionality later this month. For a complete description of everything new in Spotfire 7.12, see the Spotfire Community Wiki.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Not using Spotfire yet? Trial it for free at spotfire.com/trial.

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International Housewares Show: Customer Experience, Curation, Mobile are Key to the Modern Consumer

Posted by Ranga Bodla, Head of Industry Marketing

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room, the annual International Housewares Show that descended upon Chicago this week offered a glimpse into not only every room of the house, but also the future of retail.

 International Housewares Show: Customer Experience, Curation, Mobile are Key to the Modern ConsumerCelebrating its 80th anniversary, this year’s show features the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer in home furnishings and, my favorite part, the kitchen. I was part of the keynote panel with HFN (Home Furnishing News), which presented its annual research into consumer trends that are impacting the industry. The lively panel discussion that followed included executives from Wayfair (a NetSuite customer), Evine and Kitchen a la Mode (a specialty brick and mortar store).

There were a few takeaways that we discussed that I found particularly interesting:

Mobile-first is table stakes 

When it comes to online shopping, businesses need more than just having a great app, they have to be fully mobile enabled for every aspect of how consumers might interact with them. Google drove a big push towards responsive design and mobile in 2017, but many companies are still playing catch up. Whether its consumers doing research before shopping, or while shopping, the expectation is that they have a mobile friendly experience (without having to download an app). And if a consumer wants to buy a product, they want to be able to complete that transaction on their phone. Additionally, consumers want to be able to start researching on one device, transition to another device and then finally complete the transaction on another. Sites need to make sure they can carry that cart across those platforms without placing additional burden on the user.

Customer Experience Wins Over Couponing and Loyalty Programs

Ryan Gilchrist, director of housewares & more at Wayfair, discussed how the company is hyper focused on the customer experience and, when it comes to couponing, it focuses on the transactions that will gain new customers and increase its total volume. Wayfair’s focus is on coupons for major life events (new house, birth, etc.) instead of the ubiquitous 40 percent off coupon that trains consumers to wait for sales. Additionally, while loyalty programs seemed to be all the rage 18 months ago, they have lessened in their importance as consumers are more interested in a good experience than loyalty points when it comes to their houseware purchases.

Curation is key

The amount of choice available to consumers only continues to increase, particularly at a show that showcases hundreds of new products in every category. Increasingly, consumers are looking for guidance about the best products to buy and advice about products in specific categories and prices. Sites and stores that are able to help curate products and provide advice about what to buy are winning and thriving. Trying to compete with Amazon on the price for a Kitchen-Aid isn’t a viable long-term strategy.

The bottom line is, housewares is one of the fastest growing segments as consumers are increasingly spending more time at home and in their kitchens. Learn more about NetSuite software for houseware companies.

Posted on Wed, March 14, 2018
by NetSuite filed under

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Qualcomm partners with Hatch for cloud-based mobile games service

Hatch Entertainment wants to create a cloud-based games-on-demand service for mobile gamers, and it is announcing a big partnership today to make it happen with Qualcomm.

Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies will collaborate with Hatch on delivering next-generation cloud-based gaming experiences on servers based on the Qualcomm Centriq 2400.

The 10-nanometer server processor has 48 cores, and Qualcomm is pitching it as a disruptive new solution for cloud computing. Qualcomm’s chip is optimized for cloud workloads and is designed to deliver throughput performance for highly threaded cloud native applications that are developed as micro-services.

Above: Hatch is an on-demand mobile games service.

Image Credit: Hatch

Angry Birds publisher Rovio spun out Hatch in November 2016 as a new kind of social hub for mobile titles. Not only does it enable mobile gamers to share their passion, it also creates new kinds of shared experiences where players can join and play single-player titles together.

“Our vision is to let people discover, play, and share great games instantly and in real time, bringing people together over games they love,” said Hatch CEO Juhani Honkala in a statement. “Our collaboration with Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies is a significant leap forward in advancing our existing gaming technology and platform, which offers users a fun and completely new kind of gaming experience on mobile.”

Hatch will allow consumers to play and share full-featured games over the cloud, and it will offer developers a new way to reach mass audiences on mobile for premium titles.

Hatch streams a game to consumers from the cloud. That means there are no downloads, no updates, and no in-app purchases. It has a native multiplayer experience. You can, for instance, play a single-player version of Monument Valley on Hatch. A friend could watch you play — or even take over the game and play while you become a spectator.

Hatch offers an instant game collection, curated to provide the highest quality gaming experiences. Players can easily play together with their friends and family, as well as share gameplay moments as they happen. Games on Hatch live in the cloud, so playing is instant — with no downloads, updates, or in-app purchases.

To make all that happen, Hatch needs low-latency networking performance on mobile data networks. It wants to deliver full-featured games at 60 frames per second over the Internet with less than half the bandwidth required for video-based game streaming solutions or streaming HD video.

For Hatch, Qualcomm Centriq 2400’s 48-core processor will provide a large number of game instances per server, and that will keep per-user server costs lower.

“The Qualcomm Centriq 2400 server processor was purpose-built for cloud to deliver exceptional performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar,” said Vishal Gupta, vice president business development at Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, in a statement. “We bring high compute density and energy efficiency with Qualcomm Centriq 2400 to help drive Hatch’s innovative cloud game streaming solution.”

Hatch will show its tech at Qualcomm’s booth at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona from February 26 to March 1.

Hatch’s beta version is out now for Android users (version 6 and up) in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. More countries will come online later.

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Power BI Service and Mobile January Feature Summary

The Power BI service and mobile team is thrilled to kick off the first feature summary blog for 2018! With a new year in full swing, we’ve been hard at work on features to make it easier for you to achieve more with your data. In January, we released some highly anticipated features in the Power BI service and mobile apps. Here’s a quick recap in case you missed it:

Dashboards and reports provide two distinct ways of presenting information in Power BI, each with their own advantages. Since we launched the product, dashboards have been the primary way to share content with others in the service. However, there has always been an overwhelming ask from our community and users to extend the same capability to reports – and that’s exactly what we delivered in January. Yes, you read that right – you can now sharereports directly with others in Power BI!

The feature works just like dashboard sharing. Simply head to any report, look for the “Share” option in the top bar, and select it to launch into a familiar pane experience where you can select the recipients that you want to share the report with and choose to give them re-share permissions.

7520df47 eab4 4ac8 90a1 29c2ca60db74 Power BI Service and Mobile January Feature Summary

After you share a report, it will appear in their “Shared with me” page and receive an e-mail if you’ve selected it.

In addition, we have also made it easy for you to quickly find and access Power BI content by allowing you to favorite reports, paralleling the functionality in existing dashboards. Just select the “Favorite” option with the star on the top bar of a report, and it should immediately appear in your Favorites content list. Learn more

It doesn’t stop there. You can also access reports that are shared with you on to go using your Power BI mobile app and even favorite them for quick access!

Starting in January, dataset owners can choose to use AAD OAuth credentials when connecting the Power BI service to Azure SQL databases. With this update, Power BI can leverage all the security features of AAD when connecting to Azure SQL – including multi-factor authentication, when its configured. The OAuth authentication method is supported when connecting for both import and DirectQuery. In addition, when connecting to these data sources via DirectQuery, the Power BI service can now be configured to connect to the data source with the end users’ credentials, allowing the service to respect the security settings configured at the data source level. Learn more

We’re pleased to announce that Power BI customers around the globe who enable auditing in their tenant will now have these audit logs stored in the same Office 365 region as their tenant.  This region is determined for each tenant, based on the country selected during initial signup for the first Microsoft service in the tenant, such as Power BI or Office 365. Specific audit log locations can be found in the Office 365 trust center by finding the Exchange Online locations based on your tenant country. Another benefit of this change to how audit logs are handled is the data will be available much sooner than it was previously, where customers would often not see events in their audit logs for up to 24 hours after they originally occurred.  Now, these same events will be available within an hour or so, and often times even sooner.

We are excited to announce the general availability of embedding interactive Power BI reports in SharePoint Online. This feature enables SharePoint authors to easily embed Power BI reports directly on their page without any code! Since the introduction of this feature almost a year ago, we have made significant improvements based on your feedback to ensure reliability and performance.

c74b4003 ded1 436d a384 63c38388d6ef Power BI Service and Mobile January Feature Summary

To learn how to use the Power BI web part, see Embed with report web part in SharePoint Online on the Power BI documentation site.

We are giving IT admins more control over whether users in their organization can  view reports containing custom visuals. Please note that the setting cannot be limited to specific groups and applies to the entire organization. Learn more

671043a1 8708 420b a3bb 3b34c90ca893 Power BI Service and Mobile January Feature Summary

Power BI has had seamless connectivity to Azure Analysis Services since it was first launched. However, we only supported live connections – until now. We are excited to announce that Power BI now supports imported data from Azure Analysis Services and for the scheduling of those imports to be refreshed.

We continued to make enhancements and shipped a new update for the Power BI On-premises data gateway in January. The update includes a beta release of the PowerShell Cmdlets to manage on-premises data gateway in the public PowerShell gallery, configuration that lets you control the number of mashup engine containers that can run in parallel, and a new version of the Mashup Engine. Try it out for yourself by installing the new gateway and continue to send us feedback on any new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.

We’ve continued to improve your mobile experience by now allowing you to directly navigate to links within custom visuals and open them on your favorite mobile browser.


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