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Movin’ On Up: Apache Kafka Gets a Promotion to the Enterprise

Stream processing and real-time analytics are the driving trends behind the fast acceptance and general popularity of Kafka.

Another big data product for the Hadoop ecosystem, born at LinkedIn and nurtured to adolescence by the open source community at Apache, Kafka works much like the organization’s “central nervous system,” as it was described in Computerworld Magazine. It collects large quantities of data in real time as it streams in via user interactions, logs, application metrics, IoT devices, stock tickers, etc., and delivers it as a real-time data stream ready for use.

blog kafka feather Movin’ On Up: Apache Kafka Gets a Promotion to the Enterprise

LinkedIn has made something of a habit of birthing uber-good big data processing and streaming data products and then letting the Apache open-source community adopt and raise them. Kafka is one of these adopted kids.

Kafka Joins the Hadoop Ecosystem by Way of LinkedIn

Kafka isn’t the first Hadoop-related, open-source brainchild to spring forth from the innovators at LinkedIn. These are also the ones responsible for conceiving other projects that became Apache Incubator graduates, including Samza, Helix, and Voldemort (no, not him).

According to Stephen O’Grady, cofounder and analyst for RedMonk, Kafka is sometimes likened to ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ when it comes to what it does for on-premises data infrastructures, or perhaps with AWS Kinesis in the cloud.

Kafka is Becoming Mainstream within the Data Streaming/Real Time Community

Kafka is no longer relegated to the back closets of big data and the Hadoop ecosystem, either. It’s gone big time. According to a recent poll conducted by Kafka’s unofficial godparents at Confluent, Inc. in Palo Alto, Kafka is already working hard in the enterprise, primarily serving in use cases including:

  • Application monitor – 60% of users
  • Data warehouse – 51% of users
  • Asynchronous application – 47% of users
  • System monitor – 39% of users
  • Recommendation engine – 35% of users
  • Security monitor and/or fraud detector – 26% of users
  • IoT applications – 20% of users
  • Dynamic pricing – 12% of users

Another survey of Kafka community users indicates that 68 percent are getting ready to take on even more stream processing within the next year, and about 65 percent of their users are preparing to hire workers with Kafka skills within the next year.

According to Brian Hopkins, VP and analyst with Forrester Research, if you aren’t getting down with Kafka, you’re already getting behind the 8 ball. “Up to 2014 it was all about Hadoop, then it was Spark,” Hopkins told Computerworld. “Now, it’s Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka. These are three equal peers in the data-ingestion pipeline in this modern analytic architecture.”

blog hogwarts Movin’ On Up: Apache Kafka Gets a Promotion to the Enterprise

Voldemort is database; a distributed key-value storage system. Not a Harry Potter villain. Gotta hand it to Apache, though, it’s another example of their extraordinarily cool product naming system.

Getting Kafka Plugged into Your Enterprise Data Infrastructure

Of course, like most of the Hadoop ecosystem, Kafka doesn’t just waltz in and start singing and dancing with your existing infrastructure. It takes some plugging in and tuning first.

That’s where Syncsort comes in. The latest release of Syncsort DMX-h combines Kafka streaming with the rest of your enterprise batch data sources to greatly simplify integration of data streaming in Hadoop, Spark and Kafka.

For more information, check out the webcast, “Simplifying Big Data Integration with Syncsort DMX and DMX-h

 Movin’ On Up: Apache Kafka Gets a Promotion to the Enterprise

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How to Increase Website Traffic Through Promotion Hacking

by Jared Kimball

You could feel the anxiety in the air.

I looked at my friend, pausing slightly before speaking. He had just asked a common question I hear all the time from small business owners:

“How do I get more traffic to my website so I can sell more of my stuff?”

The emotion and passion in his voice came out as a desperate cry for help. I answered his question with another question:

“What makes your online website any different than a regular brick and mortar store?”

Confused by my question he quickly replied in frustration, “I don’t know.”

He thought some more. “A brick and mortar store has people and cars driving by all the time if it’s in a good location.”

“Ah ha!” I blurted out. “That’s exactly it! A brick and mortar store needs to be in a good location to get traffic.”

I went on and showed him how he can get more website traffic by using Google Maps, McDonald’s and a local shopping center.

What You Can Learn From the Mall and Foot Traffic

A website is not much different than a physical store. “Organic traffic” via busy roads and highways attract drivers and pedestrians to physical locations just like Google and social media attract traffic to websites.

Let’s look at one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world – McDonald’s.

promotion hacking How to Increase Website Traffic Through Promotion Hacking

Notice how McDonald’s built their restaurants near this shopping center mall. They intentionally built locations where people are naturally going already.

Then they siphon people from that natural traffic source and convert them into sales.

What if you could mimic McDonald’s and siphon customers from popular online hubs and get more traffic to your website?

You totally can and should!

Here’s how to increase website traffic through what I call Promotion Hacking.

3 Promotion Hacking Techniques That Will Grow Your Website Traffic Without Paying For Advertising

1. Guest posting

Before you scoff at this one, ask yourself, “Am I really strategically writing guest posts?”

Guest posting is writing guest blog articles on popular websites like the one you are reading right now.

Infusionsoft’s blog gets natural traffic and I have a relationship with the blog owner and regularly submit guest posts to siphon some of their natural traffic to my website.

I give value and they give right back. We are helping each other succeed.

Guest blogging is a huge topic that I can’t possibly cover in this post alone. Below are some recommended resources you can use to help you leverage the power of guest blogging.

Resources for Guest Blogging:

Guestblogging.com – The ultimate guest blogging resource hands down. With years of experience personally guest blogging and working as an associate editor at CopyBlogger (one of the largest blogs in the world) for a number of years before starting his own business, Jon Morrow is the supreme authority in the guest blogging ecosystem.

QuickSprout – They created “The Advanced Guide To Link Building” and in Chapter 10 you can read all about how to use guest posting more effectively to grow your business. 

2. The Read, Do, and Report technique

Think of one of your favorite blogs you visit regularly.

How many times have you read an amazing post and learned about a technique, tactic or skill that blew your mind away?

Did you try out the technique? If you did, did you tell the site owner your results?

People who take the information they learn from a blog post and put it into action are light years beyond everyone else who passively consume the content.

Nothing makes a blog owner prouder than when a reader applies what they are teaching. For example, Infusionsoft created a dedicated success stories page where we proudly promote successful customers to our website visitors. 

You can do the same thing for your business in as few as three steps.

First, when you read another mind-blowing blog post, make a note of it and figure out a way you can use it immediately in your life or business.

Second, record your results. Make a note of your current state whether that’s your number of website visitors, number of email subscribers, number of weekly sales, or etc. Then apply the technique and record your results.

Third, share your results with the person you learned from. Email them, create a Youtube video or write a letter.. Reach out to them and share what happened.

They’ll love it and there’s a good chance they’ll promote your results to their audience.

3. Form alliances with power sites

The most successful businesses form relationships with dozens, if not hundreds of other businesses and they both grow and succeed together.

Need some examples? 

PayPal teamed up with eBay. EBay eventually purchased them, then spun them off into their own company again.

AT&T signed a five-year contract with Apple as the exclusive seller of the iPhone when it first came out. AT&T attracted customers because they were the only company with the iPhone and Apple leveraged their huge network of customers to help them become the largest public company in the world.

Airlines create partnerships with other airlines such as the Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam alliances. This allows them to easily provide international flights to their customers without investing the money in creating all the routes themselves.

So how can you create alliances with power sites? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

What if you reached out to Pat Flynn and offered to giveaway a $ 3,000 website makeover as a part of a guest post to one lucky reader of his?

Facebook has millions of popular pages with your ideal future customers. What if you reached out to the owner of one of those pages and gave them 50 of your books to pass out to anyone who likes their page?

If you’re a service based business like a website design agency could you form an alliance with complementary companies like SEO or software companies or and create exclusive contracts for web design services at lucrative rates for their customers only.

Noah Kagan, founder of SumoMe, created a useful list of other ways you can start forming alliances with other businesses.

Stop operating in a silo mind frame and get out there and start promoting your business and website. Start leveraging other traffic hubs just like McDonald’s (the largest fast food chain in the world).

You can generate as much traffic as you want for your website take just one of these ideas and start taking action today.

If you use any of these techniques, share your results with me. 

Questions? Drop them in the comment box below and I’ll answer them promptly.

melinda emerson webinar 0 1 How to Increase Website Traffic Through Promotion Hacking

jared kimball How to Increase Website Traffic Through Promotion HackingJared Kimball openly shares his strategies and techniques for list building on his site MarketerLife.com. If you’re interested in how to increase your email open rates – go here. He’s also a marketing automation strategist at Infusionsoft.

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