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this is the best series of panels in a star wars comic

A Historian Walks into a Bar . . .

Transform The Way Your Team Sells Series: Missed Opportunities

CRM Blog Transform The Way Your Team Sells Series: Missed Opportunities

Picture This.

It’s a lovely Tuesday afternoon, and the sun is shining birds are singing as you are packing up your car to go to your first meeting. As a business owner, there is no such thing as a 9-5 schedule but today seems possible, you only have two meetings today and maybe even have time to make a pit stop to the office.

After your first meeting, you realized that you missed a call from the office and tried calling back, but there is no answer. Your first meeting took a little longer than normal, and you’re running a little behind schedule, so you check your email just to double check and no luck. Once you have finished with the second meeting you check again to see if there is anything and finally there is an email from one of your employees about a possible lead that wants to schedule up something today.

Now you are running behind schedule even more now cause the last meeting took longer than expected with a whole bunch of questions. Now, as you’re on route to your “final” meeting you try following up with this lead and no answer on the phone call and you send them a quick email right before you walk into your third meeting. The final meeting ends and as you check your email, you see that they had an opening for today but are booked until Friday and could book something then. You realize that you could be Missing Opportunities.

We are in the year 2018, the time of digital transformation and moving to the cloud; missing opportunities is not an option anymore. With the hectic life of a business owner, you need something that can help you and your company work in harmony and work more in sync. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales your team can add a lead into your system with little information and you can get a notification about the new lead.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, you could contact them in real-time and add any additional information or notes to the lead record. The tools and modules within the system can be customized to your business needs. Adding tasks such as a phone call, meeting or even just an email can all be documented and logged in the system for future reference. Being a business owner is a lot of work, you need something that will make the work easier for you and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is there to help you and your company stay on top of your potential future business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is recommended for any business owner looking to grow their company and take it to the next level. With someone like yourself, who is always on the go the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will keep up with you, and work on your schedule to help keep your business growing. If you wish to take a test drive of this system, please visit our free CRM demo http://www.websan.com/demo/dynamics-crm and see what this system can do.

Download our Dynamics 365 for Sales Demo

Crystal Williams, Web Marketing Assistant, WebSan Solutions Inc., a 2017 Microsoft Modern Marketing Innovation Award Winner

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Q&A Blog Series: Prophet – The Strategic Consultancy Turns An Issue Into Profit

By Evan Heby, Advertising, Media and Publishing Industry Marketing Lead

After talking with Jeani Vance, CIO of consultancy Prophet, we discovered that the company who helps its clients find better ways to grow through brand & experience, digital transformation and growth acceleration, needed help of its own. Headquartered in San Francisco with 350 employees across 10 different offices around the world, Prophet’s previous financial systems just couldn’t keep up at the pace the company needed.

 Jeani%20Vance,%20CIO%20of%20Prophet Q&A Blog Series: Prophet   The Strategic Consultancy Turns An Issue Into Profit

Q: Can you describe the biggest technology challenges that were holding the company back? 

A: We had an extremely old financial system from Sage which had not been updated. It was archaic, slow and cumbersome. Each month we had to pay a professional services team to do month-end close and were dependent on an outside contractor. It was painful, expensive and time-consuming to do month-end close and we still had no real-time visibility into the business or our financials. We had a small, disjointed IT team that lacked transparency. We needed to build IT support in every major office so that we would not need to fly resources in.

Q: How did you go about seeking out a new solution to support Prophet’s growth?

A: We conducted a comprehensive search for the best fit for our requirements. Our high-level requirements included the need for project and resource management, timesheets, expense management and also the ability to support multiple entities and currencies around the world. It also needed to support our core business processes, including quote-to-cash. As part of the evaluation, we did extensive client interviews. We started the RFP in April 2014 and spent about six months going through the selection process. We chose NetSuite based on functionality and price, and started the implementation in March 2015. We replaced seven legacy systems including Sage, Projector, Concur, Ganttic, Fixed Assets and timesheets.

Q: How are you currently using NetSuite?

A: We use NetSuite for financials, multi-currency and multi-entity accounting, and NetSuite OpenAir for time and expense management and resourcing. We also engaged with NetSuite Professional Services throughout the project, including the testing of the system before we went live. NetSuite has helped us all the way from requirements through to implementation and integration. We now have over 300 consultants who are inputting their time and expenses in NetSuite in addition to several resource managers for design, strategy and corporate projects.

Q: What are some of the benefits realized since going live on NetSuite? 

A: The biggest benefit was the opportunity to roll-up all of our legacy systems into a single, cloud-based system with integration with our award-winning intranet. The time required for month-end close has been significantly reduced and we are no longer dependent on an outside contractor. Our entire leadership team uses the system and has been amazed at the amount of maturity we’ve gained with our business processes. Finance can quickly generate actionable reports and everything is faster because we have real-time view across the entire business, financials, and resourcing. Another huge benefit for us is the ability to easily convert our newly acquired companies over to NetSuite, making it much easier to grow, expand and continue to acquire additional companies.

Q: Looking back at the entire project, what would you say were your keys to success? 

A: Executive commitment is critical and we were lucky to have had executive support throughout the entire process with our CFO involved every step of the way. Communication was also a key success factor. Our steering committee consisted of representatives from all areas of the company so we were able to leverage our subject matter experts and our award-winning intranet to ensure user adoption.

Q: If you had to do it all over again, what would Prophet do differently? 

A: When it came to specific requirements, we should have taken a deeper dive into our core financial processes. Due diligence and business process mapping are key.

Learn more about NetSuite for the advertising industry.

Posted on Tue, December 19, 2017
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‘Bad Boys’ Spinoff Series Starring Gabrielle Union Scores Production Commitment At NBC

Gabrielle Union ‘Bad Boys’ Spinoff Series Starring Gabrielle Union Scores Production Commitment At NBC

A planned “Bad Boys” spinoff series starring Gabrielle Union has landed at NBC with a pilot production commitment, Variety has confirmed.

Union will star as Syd Burnett, her character from “Bad Boys 2,” who was last seen in Miami taking down a drug cartel. As an LAPD detective, she can now pursue all the pleasures Los Angeles has to offer and leave her past behind. But things will get complicated when her new partner, Nancy McKenna, learns that Syd’s unapologetic lifestyle may be masking a greater personal secret.

More to come…

Source: Variety

Corey Hawkins Joins Spike Lee’s Latest Film Titled ‘Black Klansman’

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Series with symbolic powers

 Series with symbolic powers

Is there any way to perform series analysis with functions containing symbolic powers of their argument?

For example, suppose I have a function

f[x_] := f0 + f1 x^n + f2 x^(n+1) + O[x]^(n+2);

And I have this kind of equation:

x^2 f''[x] - f[x] + g[x] x^k == 0


g[x_] := g0 + g1 x + g2 x^2 + O[x]^3

I want to extract series coefficients of the equation above in order to set them to zero separately and establish relations between coefficients g0, g1, g2, f0, f1, f2.

Is this possible if the powers $ k$ and $ n$ are symbolic integer powers and all that I know is that $ k \ge 0, n \ge 0$ and they are integer? I tried to do this directly, but function


does not work because of nonnumeric power, whereas function


returns incorrect result where, for instance, coefficient in front of $ x^n$ contains terms with numeric powers of $ x$ like $ x^2$ .

Thank you in advance.

1 Answer

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Recent Questions – Mathematica Stack Exchange

Brandon Victor Dixon Promoted To Series Regular On ‘Power’!

Brandon Victor Dixon Brandon Victor Dixon Promoted To Series Regular On ‘Power’!

After being a recurring character on Power, Brandon Victor Dixon has been promoted to a series regular for Season 5.

Dixon plays Terry Silver, the attorney for the St. Patricks, played by Omari Hardwick and Naturi Naughton.

This comes after another recurring player, Larenz Tate, was also promoted for Season 5.

From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and show creator Courtney Kemp, Power is a drama straddling the glamorous lifestyles of Manhattan’s rich and infamous and the dark underworld of the international drug trade.

The cast is led by Omari Hardwick as drug kingpin and nightclub impresario James “Ghost” St. Patrick, Joseph Sikora, as his brother in arms in the drug business, Tommy Egan; Naturi Naughton plays Ghost’ fierce, loyal wife Tasha St. Patrick and Lela Loren as his first love, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Angela Valdes.

Season Four picked up on the heels of James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s highly publicized arrest by his ex-girlfriend, Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Valdes, for the murder of FBI Agent Greg Knox—a crime he did not commit. Ghost can’t outrun his past choices and mounting enemies this season, which threaten his freedom and his family’s safety at every turn. His fight for redemption brings him face-to-face with the Feds, the media, new allies, and old foes. But the biggest obstacle for Ghost remains himself and his internal struggle between the man he wants to be and the one he really is.

Power season 5 premieres in 2018.

Dixon, who has a notable Broadway resume, is coming off of portraying Aaron Burr in Hamilton. 

H/T: Deadline/ Shadow & Act

Idris Elba To Create And Star In 1980s-Set Comedy Series

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DAX Reanimator Series: Top Performers using SUMMARIZE

PBI Reanimator thumb DAX Reanimator Series: Top Performers using SUMMARIZE

Welcome back P3 nation, today I’d like to demonstrate some exciting ways to show Top Performing “things” using DAX. Most of what we’ll discuss has been covered before in previous posts written here at PowerPivotPro. Rob has extensively covered the topic of Top Performing “things” in not one, not two, but THREE previous posts! So today I want to start us off by reviewing these awesome techniques, and taking a look at how to some of those practices can be used in a Power BI report. wlEmoticon smile 2 DAX Reanimator Series: Top Performers using SUMMARIZE

Previous Top Performing Posts:

DAX Can Return More Than Just Numbers Or Dates…

Top Performing Thing thumb 10 DAX Reanimator Series: Top Performers using SUMMARIZEThe beautiful thing about Top Performing DAX Measures is that it’s portable & dynamic! Basically any way we slice and dice our data, [Top Sales Day] will change with it, JUST like any other DAX Measure (E.g. [Total Orders] or [Total Profits]). In my opinion, showing top performers is a powerful (and useful!) DAX Measure. I’m not sure about you, but when I was first learning DAX years back, I never considered using a “Math Engine” to return text outputs. Rob’s post really helped open my eyes to the world of possibilities that DAX is capable of.

Today’s post will be using the SUMMARIZE method to return my Top Performing “Thing”. Rob’s second post originally used FIRSTNONBLANK() to return the same result. However, Gerhard Brueckl provided a great follow up in the post comments showcasing a FASTER way to do this using SUMMARIZE. The beauty in using SUMMARIZE is that it turns the filter-context (slower…) into row-context (faster!), then uses TOPN to return only the first row with the most [DAX Measure]. Using the image above as the example, let’s take a look at the [Top Sales Day] measure that uses the SUMMARIZE function.

Top Sales Day =
IF (
    NOT ( ISBLANK ( [Total Orders] ) ),
    MAXX (
        TOPN (
            SUMMARIZE ( ‘Calendar’, Calendar[Date], “Order Count”, [Total Orders] ),
[Order Count]

Top Performing Day Amount thumb DAX Reanimator Series: Top Performers using SUMMARIZEAs you can see there’s multiple layers to this DAX Measure, but I can assure you they all have a purpose! Let’s start from the inner most query and move our way out. 1)The SUMMARIZE function returns a virtual summary table of Sales Days and [Total Orders]. 2)We then use TOPN to return the row (Sales Day) with the highest order count from the SUMMARIZE virtual table. However TOPN returns a table, and DAX measures can’t display a table…they require a single (scalar) value output. 3)X Functions to the rescue! Since we need a single value output we can use the MAXX to convert our table INTO a single (scalar) value, which for us is the Sales Day.  To be fair I’m arbitrarily using the MAX(X) function, but I could have just as easily used ANY of the X Functions (E.g. MINX, SUMX, etc…). The only purpose of this step is to convert a table to a single (scalar) value output. Simple right? wlEmoticon winkingsmile DAX Reanimator Series: Top Performers using SUMMARIZE

Why Stop Here? Let’s Return The Top Value Too!

Not only can you use DAX to return a Top Performing “thing”, we can also return the Top Value! Rob’s most recent post on top performers shows an easy way to return the value associated with the top performing thing. Let’s say we had a scenario where we ALSO wanted to know what the Top Sales Day Amount was. We could use a variation of the above DAX Measure, this is true. However what if I also wanted to know the DOLLAR AMOUNT associated with that sales day? Well friends, we can have our cake and eat it too in this scenario. We ask, and DAX can deliver!

Top Sales Day Amount =

(‘Calendar’, [Total Sales])

Compared to our Top Purchasing Customer Measure, this one is much simpler! The measure looks at our calendar table, and then returns the value [Total Sales] for the row (which is day on the calendar table). With our amount measure on hand, we can create an easy DAX measure that uses CONCATENATE to bring together both of these values. Throw in a little formatting love to make our values display correctly, and we have ourselves a magical formula! I’d highly recommend giving Rob’s third article a read for more information on this one.

Top Sales Amount & Day =

( [Top Sales Day Amount], “$ 0,0” ) & ” / “
& FORMAT ( [Top Sales Day], “mmm dd, yyyy” )

All of these DAX Measures are available in the embedded Power BI Report or in the report download link below. For anyone wanting to know how I made my DAX measures as pretty as they are, checkout a post I wrote on an awesome tool called DAX Formatter. That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as I enjoyed making it! As long as you were able to add another tool (or two) to your belt, then my job is done. As always I look forward to reading your comments, until next time!

Download the Power BI Desktop (.pbix) Report Here


Get Your Files

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Upcoming Webinar Series: All About Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Finance and Operations 300x225 Upcoming Webinar Series: All About Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

As the Dynamics 365 platform continues to evolve and change, we want to help keep you up on the latest and greatest info—so we’ve put together a webinar series featuring some of our resident Finance and Operations experts. Register for one or all of the series, and learn everything from the basic nuts and bolts of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to upgrading your current system, exploring deployment options, learning what’s new since the July 2017 Update, and more.


Webinar 1: What is Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations?

October 24, 2017, 9:00 am CT

The Microsoft Dynamics suite of products has evolved to better serve the business demands of an increasingly complex and competitive landscape. As the traditional ERP workload, Dynamics AX has undergone digital transformation and brought under the Dynamics 365 umbrella.

Join us as we explore the evolution of Dynamics AX, an overview of Dynamics 365 as a whole, and the Finance and Operations workload within Dynamics 365. We’ll cover how this product can meet the needs of an end-to-end ERP solution.

Register Now


Is Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Right for Me?

October 26, 2017, 9:00 am CT

In this webinar, we will explore the capabilities of the Finance & Operations workload of Dynamics 365. It will give you a greater understanding of the functionality included in the product and whether it can answer the needs of your organization for an ERP solution.

Learn the capabilities of the product, get a demonstration of workspace functionality, and understand key use cases. Stay for a question and answer period at the end.

Register Now


Partnering with PowerObjects for an End-to-End Dynamics 365 Solution for Sales, Operations, and More

October 31, 2017, 9:00 am CT

Join PowerObjects to discuss how Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations can integrate seamlessly with other Dynamics 365 offerings, such as the CRM workloads of sales, marketing, and customer service. Topics include:

We’ll provide an overview of PowerObjects’ value offering, our integrated areas of focus, and how we can provide end-to-end Dynamics 365 solutions, including CRM.

Register Now


What’s New to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

November 2, 2017, 9:00 am CT

This webinar will specifically explore the newest features that were unveiled in the latest release of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. We will spend our time introducing you to the new and exciting features released in the July 2017 Update and how you can get the most of them.

Register Now


Upgrading from Dynamics AX or Other Legacy Systems to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

November 7, 2017, 9:00 am CT

What will it take for your organization to upgrade to the latest and greatest in the Dynamics product line? If you are current on a version of Microsoft Dynamics AX or another legacy system and are exploring an upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, this webinar is for you.

Register Now


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: Cloud, On-premises, and Hybrid Deployment Options

November 9, 2017, 9:00 am CT

One of the most important considerations when implementing a Dynamics 365 solution is how it will be deployed. In this last webinar in our series on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, we’ll lay out the available deployment options for your solution, along with the pros and cons of each type of deployment.

Register Now


As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM

Jordan Peele Is Developing A Television Drama Series On Nazi Hunters

Jordan Peele Jordan Peele Is Developing A Television Drama Series On Nazi Hunters

Jordan Peele has his first project set under his TV development deal with Sonar Entertainment.

David Weil will write the script and be an executive producer with Peele.

While a network is not attached to the series yet, insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter that it is drawing interest from several.

The Hunt’s description: “It follows a diverse band of Nazi Hunters in 1970s America as they set out on a quest for revenge and justice — tracking and killing hundreds of Nazis who, with the unconscionable help of the U.S. government, escaped justice and embedded themselves in American society.”

The Get Out mastermind is also teaming up with Spike Lee on a Black Klansman film and is producing the upcoming TBS comedy, The Last O.G. starring Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish.

Source: Shadow & Act

Jessica Williams To Star In New Comedy For Showtime!

‘Tidal X: Brooklyn’ Concert Announced- Announcements Made If Jay Z And Beyonce Are Performing

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How-To Video Series: Integrate Popular SaaS Applications with TIBCO Cloud Integration

rsz bigstock 146338313 How To Video Series: Integrate Popular SaaS Applications with TIBCO Cloud Integration

Integrating your SaaS apps is the key to any successful cloud project. The use of cloud applications is only expected to rise, as Gartner predicts it will grow by 20% to $ 46 billion in 2017. So finding an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to integrate your SaaS apps with each other and with the other systems in your organization is crucial.

In this how-to video series, we’ll show you step-by-step how to use TIBCO Cloud Integration to integrate some of today’s most popular marketing and sales SaaS tools. Included in the series are detailed demos of how to connect platforms like Salesforce and Marketo, how to easily create, manage, and deploy APIs within one tool, and how TIBCO Cloud Integration works with hybrid and multi-cloud environments alike. And each video is only about 7 minutes!

Using pre-built connectors, we’ll check out how you can quickly integrate Salesforce and Marketo to move data in and out for more complete contacts, accounts, opportunities, and leads. With the Web Integrator tool and its intuitive visual modelling, we’ll show you how to easily build, model, test, share, and deploy all of your APIs. Fun fact: TIBCO is the only vendor that enables you to do all this with your APIs on one platform, allowing you to set up integrations to any service you choose (whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise, across multiple clouds, or built on a legacy system).

TIBCO Cloud Integration is an intuitive cloud integration solution that makes connecting to SaaS applications simple and efficient. You can learn more and start your free trial, or watch our quick on-demand demo.

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