4 Keys to Using a CRM Free Trial

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After you’ve narrowed your list of potential CRM solutions down to a few finalists, signing up for a CRM free trial from each is a great next step. Doing so will give you a better understanding of the software’s functionality and how your company will operate using it on a day-to-day basis.

You can see all the demos and talk to the reps all you want, but until you begin using it, it’s hard to fully understand how the CRM solution will function in conjunction with your business processes. Let’s look at four keys to keep in mind while using a CRM free trial.

1: Involve all key users

CRM software is used by a variety of different departments and employees – from sales associates and marketing specialists to customer service reps, management, and everyone in between. It’s important that all key team members use the software during the free trial; not only because it will give them each firsthand experience, but also because it allows you to test out the different functionality by department. Involving others also gives them a chance to share their input and offer their own evaluations, ultimately helping you make a final decision.

2: Make sure you’ve had a walk-through with a sales representative

Before going into a free trial, make sure you know the basics and understand the navigation and layout. A demo from a sales rep will go a long way to help you understand how the CRM solution can best be utilized for your unique situation.

3: Use the type of data that your company has
Although you should not use actual, sensitive company information, it is best to use as similar information as you can when using the free trial. The closer it is, the more accurate a picture you will get of how the CRM will work for your company’s data and the users.

4: Be on good terms with your sales rep
Don’t avoid your CRM sales rep. Speaking to your rep before, during and after your CRM free trial will allow you get all your questions answered and help fill in any blanks. It also gives you a chance to touch base with them and set up a future meeting should you wish to continue evaluating that particular CRM solution.