B2B CRM and B2C CRM Software

B2B and B2C CRM Software B2B CRM and B2C CRM Software

There are an incredible amount of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software systems on the market; a vast majority of these systems are built for B2B communications. The differences are primarily because B2B and B2C marketing and sales operate differently, so it only makes sense that the same software will not work for both. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences that affect the CRM software solutions for each.

B2B Marketing & Sales

B2B usually has a smaller number of sales (at a higher price), a smaller contact database, and longer sales process. There often are more than two decision makers involved in the process and are purely business decisions. Along with that, the product is also more complex and customized.

B2C Marketing & Sales

B2C usually has a larger amount of sales (at a lower price), a larger contact database, and a shorter sales process. There is usually only one or two people involved in the decision making, and decisions are made based on a variety of reasons including need, want, impulse, etc. The product is usually uniform and not customized.

B2B CRM Software

Built for long term management of a prospect/customer and has strong emphasis on the sales process. Forecasting customer behavior and having high visibility are key as well. Also, integration with other company software is important.

B2C CRM Software

Built for long term sales consistency through various marketing activities and a strong emphasis on handling a high number of contacts/sales with mass campaigns. Organizing data and managing only specific parts of sales process are key, and integration with other company software is not as important.