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Ask any CMO how their role has changed in the past five years, and you’ll likely get one word back: technology.

The explosion of data, mobile, 120 marketing channels, and over 2,400 martech products competing with one another have created a tectonic shift for marketing leaders. But the relationship between the CMO and CIO does not have to look like a begrudging forced marriage.

Rather, when the CMO and CIO can foster a collaborative partnership, not just among themselves, but also among their teams, the results are spelled out in productivity, growth, and profits.

Still, the road to harmony has some major obstacles. Entrenched silos, territorial protectionism, and seemingly opposing priorities all need to be addressed. And companies simply can’t afford for them not to be. Those that figure out how to break down the walls and develop the abilities to make cross-functional, cross-methodology teams work will rule.

In this webinar, we’ll explain just how this can be done – without fisticuffs. Join our panel of experts and learn how the CMO and CIO can truly work together for the good of all.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify problem communication areas within your organization that can lead to internal war
  • How to speak fluent CIO, and discover your inner process junkie
  • Exciting acronyms, and find out why they’re deadly important to your continue growth
  • Why fluidity will be the next big thing in executive circles


Stewart Rogers director of marketing technology; VentureBeat Insight
Philip Sheldrake technology analyst and managing partner, Euler Partners
Adam Messano senior project manager; Advanced Auto Parts
Eric Lopez sales engineering manager; Workfront Inc.

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