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For decades, sales teams and marketing teams have been at loggerheads over the most divisive of items.

The humble “lead.”

Sales constantly says that “marketing don’t produce high quality leads for us to close,” and marketing exclaim that “the sales team couldn’t close a barn door.”

Those battlegrounds have raged for years, and only in recent times have the two departments started to see eye-to-eye, thanks to an increased use of data and analytics (a leveler if there ever was one), and a new age of cooperation.

The battle, it seems, is over.

Maybe, but there’s a new power struggle within the corner offices of corporate America that is only just getting started.

The current wave started when Gartner predicted that the CMO will spend more money on IT than the CIO by 2017. Of course, not everyone shares that view.

Forrester Research analyst Peter Burris told the CIO Journal that “70 percent of IT spending is on maintaining and upgrading existing systems. That leaves only 30 percent for new systems; even if the entire balance of that were allocated to marketing, it would be a very long time before spending on new systems would overtake spending on legacy systems.”

When it comes to budgets, spending, control of IT systems, and determining who is best placed to make those decisions, it is clear there is a lot at stake.

That’s why later this week I’ll be posing questions to a panel of experts in the hope that, between us, we can share how CMOs and CIOs alike can avoid a replay of the Sales vs. Marketing battle that plagued the productivity of many, and reversed the fortunes of some.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify problem communication areas within your organization that can lead to internal war
  • How to speak fluent CIO, and discover your inner process junkie
  • Exciting acronyms, and find out why they’re deadly important to your continue growth
  • Why fluidity will be the next big thing in executive circles


Stewart Rogers director of marketing technology; VB Insight
Philip Sheldrake technology analyst and managing partner, Euler Partners
Adam Messano senior project manager; Advanced Auto Parts
Eric Lopez sales engineering manager; Workfront Inc.

This webinar is sponsored by Workfront. 

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