Four Tips for CRM Training

Training seminar 2 250x166 Four Tips for CRM Training

Having the perfect CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for your business means nothing if your users are not thoroughly trained on how to use it. Whether you employ a cloud or on-premise solution, it is important that such an investment also involves proper time dedicated to user training. The more efficient the training, the faster and more effective it will be.

Here are four tips to help make the most out of CRM software training.

  1. Get CRM training directly from the CRM vendor. Most vendors offer multiple options for training. This includes: training one person in your company who will then train others, on-site classroom-style training, online tutorials, and one-on-one web/phone training.
  2. Confirm users know your company’s marketing, sales, and customer service processes. Making sure everyone understands your key business processes is crucial when using CRM software. It also keeps all users on the same page which leads to less confusion, more efficiency, and better results.
  3. Ask your users which training method/s they prefer. One group or person might prefer online tutorials while another might want to work directly with the CRM vendor. Each user may be different, and being aware of this can make the CRM training process go much smoother. It will also help ensure there is more support for the new CRM solution overall.
  4. Get employees excited about the new system. Users can be resistant change, especially if they feel overwhelmed by the prospect of learning a new CRM solution. You can put their fears to rest by showing them exactly how the new system and processes will make their josb easier and require less work to do the same tasks.