Justifying Investing In A CRM Solution

crm investment 250x187 Justifying Investing In A CRM Solution

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is an important investment. Regardless of whether it’s an on-premise or cloud CRM solution, the investment can seem overwhelming and perhaps, unnecessary if you simply look at the costs and time needed upfront.

However, to justify a CRM investment, you must look at the additional value it brings your business year after year in the long term. This includes a centralizing of contacts and information for sales management and marketing, improving communication with customers and prospects, and bringing a return on investment.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that will help justify the need for implementing a CRM software system.

Current tracking of customers and/or prospects is all over the place.

Having a separate Excel file for order history, a different Word document for contacts and company information, and yet another separate database of past email lists can become quite cumbersome and time consuming to access and manage. Implementing a CRM solution would eliminate all these different sources of data and centralize all the information and histories for companies and contacts. This would save time and allow you to better market, re/up/cross sell, and of course, sell.

Growth is causing more issues to come to light.

If your company is growing in size, customer counts, and/or order numbers, your current system may not be able to handle the increases or adapt to the changes associated with it. This is exactly when CRM is needed to help streamline these processes and keep everything contained so that there are less chances for errors and information falling through the cracks.