Before I get jump to talking about business cases for integrating SAP and Microsoft SharePoint, I wanted to share an interesting observation. Our team has worked with many CIOs helping them integrate SAP with SharePoint. Surprisingly though, the executive sponsors for most of these projects were CFOs. This means that the need for an SAP+SharePoint solution is not limited to CIOs alone. The business needs of CFOs are also effectively addressed with this technology marriage.

Integrating SAP and SharePoint  Compelling business cases for CFOs Integrating SAP and SharePoint: Compelling business cases for CFOs

Now, let’s go ahead and explore some interesting business use cases for CFOs:

  • Approvals – The information regarding budgets and reports of completed transactions has to be entered manually in SAP systems for approvals. SharePoint can help you automate this process and make the approval process more efficient.
  • Bill automation – The information on bills from vendors is often entered manually across SAP or ERP at many organizations. Also, this information flows freely through many hands. This can result in inconsistencies in your financial data. With SharePoint, you can easily encounter these problems through automating the manual processes and allowing role-based access to team members.
  • Purchase request process – Yet another traditionally manual process, you can use SharePoint to automate and fasten purchase requests.
  • Invoice automation – Just how many times have multiple, physical invoices raised inconsistencies in audits? Automating the process will make you breathe easy. You can also automate MIS with SharePoint
  • BI Dashboards – SharePoint also allows you to discover insights through BI dashboards. SharePoint takes your financial data, presents it in a meaningful way and generates actionable insights.

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