Step 1:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon$ sh phalcondevtool/phalcon project multimod –type=modules

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon$ cd multimod

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod$ cd apps/

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps$ ls


Step 2:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps$ cp -r frontend/ admin/

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps$ ls

admin  frontend

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps$ cd admin/

Step 3:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps/admin$ sudo vi Module.php

In the above file make changes in namespace and in registerAutoloaders

namespace Multimod\Frontend;

Change to

namespace Multimod\Admin;


$  loader->registerNamespaces(array( 
            'Multimod\Frontend\Controllers' => __DIR__ . '/controllers/', 
            'Multimod\Frontend\Models' => __DIR__ . '/models/', 

Change to

$  loader->registerNamespaces(array( 
            'Multimod\Admin\Controllers' => __DIR__ . '/controllers/', 
            'Multimod\Admin\Models' => __DIR__ . '/models/', 

Step 4:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps/admin$ cd controllers/

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps/admin/controllers$ sudo vi ControllerBase.php

In above file change the namespace.

namespace Multimod\Frontend\Controllers;
Change to

namespace Multimod\Admin\Controllers;

Step 5:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps/admin/controllers$ sudo vi IndexController.php

In above file change the namespace.

namespace Multimod\Frontend\Controllers;
Change to

namespace Multimod\Admin\Controllers;

Step 6:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/apps/admin$ sudo vi views/index/index.phtml

Add following line in above file to make sure that your admin view is different.

Congratulations! you are in admin view

Step 7:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/config$ sudo vi modules.php

Add new register modules.

 'frontend' => array( 
        'className' => 'Multimod\Frontend\Module', 
        'path' => __DIR__ . '/../apps/frontend/Module.php' 

Add new line below to this is as follow….

'admin' => array( 
        'className' => 'Multimod\Admin\Module', 
        'path' => __DIR__ . '/../apps/admin/Module.php' 

Step 8:

kunal@kunal:/var/www/html/p/phalcon/multimod/config$ sudo vi services.php

You foud the default module is frontend so we need to add the routing for admin module. So here is the code.

$  router->add("/admin", array( 
                'module'     => 'admin', 
                'namespace'  => 'Multimod\Admin\Controllers', 
                'controller' => 'index', 
                'action'     => 'index', 

URL for front end : http://localhost/p/phalcon/multimod/

URL for Backend Admin : http://localhost/p/phalcon/multimod/admin

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