With growing mobile users and the wake of Responsive Web Design, many companies are starting to align themselves to mobile-first strategy optimized by User Experience. Companies thinking of desktop -first and mobile later are going to be deprived of customers trust in their business.

UX Roadmap UX  Roadmap for your mobile first strategy

Today’s new-generation mobile users expect a common service on all platforms. They desire same functionalities on their mobile phones as they could access on the desktop. Brands failing to provide such experience may find themselves falling out of favour with customers. Through mobile first strategy, you can enhance the value and trust in your brand.

Forward thinking companies are moving away from desktop-first to mobile-first strategy. Such companies are the ones changing the game and leading the pack. They realize that mobile sites are no longer a scaled-back version of their web versions.

With an increasing number of mobile users, the focus is now on ‘how to enhance the individual elements’ that create the perfect mobile User Experience. Mobile-first relieves you of this task by providing your users the perfect experience resorting to content and functionality.

Dissecting different mobile user experience elements gives you a comprehensive framework for delivering impressive mobile experiences within the context of user-centered design. This approach encompasses the user’s perceptions and thoughts during and after they use your mobile site – be it an app or device.

Content, design, functionality, social, marketing and user inputs all add up to create great user experiences for your customers.

By implementing UX at the heart of mobile strategy, you can

  • Increase the convenience and experience of your mobile users
  • Increase the amount of conversions, be it more sales, newsletter subscriptions or users completing their intended tasks
  • Addresses user pain areas quickly by simplifying critical user functions
  • Resolve issues early in the development process.
  • Enrich your users’ reading experience, creating a more functional and efficient product.

At e-Zest, we leverage our User Experience capabilities to build your mobile strategy that comes with well crafted UX. Our aim is to give you a great product shown in a best possible way on all devices and form factors.