Azure What is Azure StorSimple?

Azure StorSimple is a new way of keeping cloud data more secure and available. Before StorSimple, cloud users faced many challenges such as:

  • Low availability for data
  • Infrastructure cost
  • Slowing down web apps
  • Insufficient storage
  • Webserver performance

With the launch of StorSimple last year, things have become simpler for Azure users. The challenges listed above are a thing of the past.


StorSimple is an enterprise class hardware-storage array. It helps you to put data on the cloud. There are different types of data such as:

  • Data which is frequently used (Hot Data)
  • Data which is used but not very frequently
  • Data which is rarely used (Cold Data)

Data which is frequently used can be stored in the StorSimple storage array while the other types of data can be stored the in cloud.

Let’s consider a scenario where an organization has data divided in these three types. While SAN storage is a good option, the operational costs will increase with time.
azure development What is Azure StorSimple?

To tackle this, Microsoft has launched a hybrid solution in StorSimple. A simple but powerful equation to understand it is:

StorSimple + MS Azure = Hybrid storage

StorSimple provides enterprise storage on cloud economics. The benefits of StorSimple include:

  • Efficient disaster recovery
  • Increased IT agility
  • Data management
  • Protection
  • Faster recovery
  • 40 to 50 % storage cost saving
  • Higher performance

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