Watch co-founder and CTO Eldad Farkash explain some of the ingredients in Sisense’s Secret Sauce – the groundbreaking technology that allows Sisense BI Software to achieve unparalleled performance on commodity hardware (e.g. crunching 10 terabytes of data in 10 seconds on a single server node).

Eldad’s lecture covers 3 of the main bottlenecks currently impeding the performance of Business Intelligence software, and outlines the technological innovations Sisense uses to actually resolve these problems, rather than the usual workarounds and makeshift solutions that currently prevail in the BI industry.

Eldad Farkash: Leveraging the CPU Cache and Columnar Storage for High Speed BI

Topics by Timestamp

0:00 Intro: 3 Bottlenecks of Data Analytics
1:18 Bottleneck 1 – Disk: Columnar Storage
5:08 Bottleneck 2 – Memory: Decompression in the CPU
9:58 Bottleneck 3 – Multiple Users and Queries: Crowd Accelerated BI
19:56 Summary