4:54 PM PT: Presently playing amusing TyT program coverage reminiscent of the of the lost Air America, Debate pre-game coverage soon….

5:00 PM PT: Amy Schumer versus Khloe Kardashian? Ack!

5:03 PM PT: don’t have any whiskey to drink

5:05 PM PT: Will Bernie make the debates substantive? Cenk does have an excellent point about whether the format itself is viable

5:13 PM PT: Decided that Dan LeBatard and Cenk should do a show together

5:35 PM PT: No Larry Lessig, polling under 1% kills everyone apparently unless there are enough of you in the GOP to make up a kiddie table

5:36 PM PT: Is Jim Webb there just as a Hillary stalking horse to attack Bernie?

5:47 PM PT: aaaaaugh all those counterfactuals from 2008/2012

7:15 PM PT: TYT is actually quite amusing  and with their twitter feed, it’s like MST3K

7:39 PM PT: Lost bandwidth so couldn’t run both TYT and debate simultaneously, but actually there were some good moments needless to say, it’s still Bernie versus Hillary